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Software development trends in 2023

What will happen with software development in the year 2023?

Time will tell, as it always does. 2022 was one of the best years for technology, but more changes are on the way. In 2023, the latest software development trends that started in 2022 will continue. In addition, we will likely see the birth of new trends as the year progresses.

Software companies and tech-related industries will likely surprise us with new developments. Companies that work with AI, the Internet of Things, and AR/VR/MR have already announced many exciting new products for this year. However, as the trend rises, businesses must look beyond the usual things to stay ahead. Therefore, enterprises must hire remote developers to ensure their apps are updated with the latest trends.

Now let’s take a look at the top software trends in 2023

Programming with the help of AI Takes Off

AI-based tools to help write source code have already been around for a few years. But we’re at a turning point now because new AI-powered coding tools like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer have come out in the past year.

In 2023, more and more developers will at least try out code that AI wrote. Of course, people are still determining if AI-assisted coding will be mature enough by the end of 2023 for most developers to use these tools daily. Still, It is confirmed that more coders will at least play around with the tools and use them occasionally to make fairly simple code.

Low-code programming winds down.

The excitement about low-code programming will likely stick around for the next year, just like the excitement about cryptocurrencies.

Not because low-code programming is going out of style. Low-code solutions have been around for a long time, and there are still good reasons to use them today.

In general, more developers realize that low-code tools have their limits. Low code, for example, comes with security problems, and it only sometimes leads to the best-performing or most cost-effective apps. As a result, developers will likely slow down their use of low code as they learn it has its limits.

Hires of software developers slow down

Software developers have been in a great position in the job market for a long time. Companies needed coders and were willing to pay pretty good salaries to get and keep them.

There are few signs yet that this trend has changed. Developers still have an easy time getting jobs.

But the general slowdown in the economy over the past year, which has hit the tech industry hard, and a large number of layoffs and departures from tech companies in the past few months are likely to make the job market for developers a little less bright.

Good developers will still be able to get good jobs in 2023, but they might have fewer options than they did in the past. And some developers who are “too busy” might have to do just one job at a time.

Enterprises embrace native development.

In the last few years, there have been a lot of conversations about whether to use native or hybrid development. Applications are expected to work on multiple operating systems, and it’s cheaper to hire one team than several.

Even though hybrid development is cheaper, startups and small businesses are likely to keep doing it. However, enterprises are likely to go back to more reliable native practices.


AI-assisted coding is one cool new trend in software development that will likely take off in 2023. the rising trend of low-code programming will likely slow down. At the same time, the job market for people who make software is also about to calm down. To keep up with technological changes, you need a strong team with skills that go beyond what you have in-house. Aspired offers software development services that are known all over the world. The team is always aware of the latest changes in how software is made. Aspired is ready to look at your business needs, how far along your digital transformation is, what the biggest problems are, and how to solve them with innovative ideas.

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