Athletes have to take sports physicals. This physical examination will decide whether a student is fit to join a sports activity or not.

What is a sports physical?

Sports physical, also known as participation physical examination, is considered mandatory by many states for their students. Students have to take this physical examination to participate in a sports activity. Also, they have to do it once the athlete is starting a new competitive sports season. A sports physical can be done over the school with a medical professional’s assistance or at a doctor’s office.

Sports physical doctor is better for this purpose as they will understand your health better.

Physical examination

It is the same as the annual checkup. The doctor will ask you about your family history in the physical examination. Or if you are suffering from any disease or under any medication. However, the focus of this specialist is on the health of your lungs, hearts, and bones.

The test includes

  • Measurement of your height
  • Measurement of your weight
  • How well your vision is
  • Whether you take any drugs or alcohol
  • Athlete flexibility (by checking joints, postures, and strength)

Things they check

  • Athlete’s diet
  • If you are a girl. They will ask you about your menstrual cycle.

Why it is necessary to have a physical examination for sports

The answer is very simple; it is for your child’s safety. Regardless of how much your child wants to join a game, his safety comes first.

These tests aim to determine whether the student is physically fit to participate in a game or not. They will check for health conditions if they become more at risk due to a sport. If a student has a chronic disease, they will try to manage it.

What are the advantages of school physical?

To track health conditions

Whether your health is improving or not. Sports physicals are good to track the health progression. This test helps you highlight your health conditions and keeps track of your health, whether you have gained weight or lost it.

Safe playing strategies

The physicians in this test also suggest strategies for safe playing. A physician will assess your medical condition and permit you to the extent that your body can handle it.

Save your life

Suppose some life-threatening issue is identified in these tests. It could help you save your life by having timely treatment.

Muscles and joints problems could get identified

They will carry out several tests to check the condition of your heart, lungs, liver, and bones. These tests also focus on muscle and joint problems.

How to take physical sports test

The parent, guardian, or student must fill out a form to take a physical sports test. The form will ask some questions like what are the allergies you suffer from. Which vaccinations you have had. List of supplements or counter drugs you take. Suppose you have undergone any surgeries before, etc.


Sports physical tests or PPE tests are important and considered mandatory for students who want to participate in a particular sport. These tests will help determine if he is physically fit for a sports activity or not. The focus of these tests is on the muscles and joint problems along with heart, lungs, and bones condition. These tests can help your child in many ways. They can help diagnose health conditions.

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