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Swaraj 735 FE Specifications, Mileage, Tractor Price- Khetigaadi

The Swaraj 735 FE is the most popular model from the Swaraj brand. The tractor has advanced features like power steering, high engine capacity, brake types, high lifting capacity, and bigger rear tyres that provide comfortable driving. The cost of this tractor is 5.85 L. This tractor comes with 35 HP. Additionally, the PTO HP of this tractor is 32.6 HP. This tractor is suitable for agricultural purposes like tilling, sowing, pudding, hauling, harvesting, and levelling. 

Here, farmers will get all the detailed information like Swaraj 735 FE price, specifications, features, horsepower, engine capacity, total weight, latest updates, news, lifting capacity, and many more. 

Swaraj 735 FE Features and Specifications: 

Swaraj tractor 735 FE provides a water cooling system. The tractor has a 4 Stroke, Direct injection, and Diesel Engine. It has a 35 HP engine, and 1800 engine rated RPM which generates 2734 displacements in CC. The tractor has 3 cylinders, and a 3-stage bath-type air cleaner or filter; this is the best feature of this tractor. This tractor helps to increase comfort and productivity in the fields.

The Swaraj tractor 735 FE has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Forward speed is 2.30 – 27.80 Kmph, and reverse speed is 2.73 – 10.74 Kmph. The lifting capacity of Swaraj 735 FE is 1000 Kg, and the total weight is 1895 Kg.

Swaraj 735 FE hydraulic type is live with position control, automatic draft control, and mix control, it has a 3-point linkage that is Category-I Suitable For Category-II Type Implement Pins. The length of this tractor is 3470mm, the width is 1695mm, and the wheelbase is 1950mm. 

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Frequently asked questions about swaraj 735 FE : 

Question: What is the cost of swaraj 735 FE?

Answer: The cost of this tractor is 5.85 Lac.

Question: What is the HP value of swaraj 735 FE?

Answer: The HP value of this tractor is 35 HP.

Question: What is the total weight of swaraj 735 FE?

Answer: The total weight of this tractor is 1895 Kg.

Question: How many cylinders are in swaraj 735 FE?

Answer: This tractor has a 3 cylinders. 

Question: How many gears are in swaraj 735 FE?

Answer: This tractor has a 8 forward and 2 gears. 

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