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The Best Price 980nm Infrared Laser Diode Module

In any special working occasion of night version, it is not easy to reach with a simple laser pointer or other manual dot projecting too. However, after constant technical innovation of 980nm infrared laser diode tech and qualified glass coated lens, it is being made into the most practically used device, such as a 980nm infrared laser diode module. On condition that it gets constant power source supply and easy mounting onto night version device, it makes sure of easy reaching, god direction and high precision infrared dot alignment for all night version fields.

980nm infrared laser diode module

From the very beginning design of 980nm infrared laser diode module, not the same a simple infrared laser pointer, it is in need to make long lasting and high stability dot alignment in long lasting use. The advanced use of an import 980nm infrared laser diode gets good cooperation with a metal heat sink cooling system. In process of constant dot measuring work fields, within long lasting infrared dot projection within 8 to 10 hours per day, this infrared dot laser is achieving superior nice laser light cycling use, and highly reliable and stable infrared dot projection in continuous use.

Either it is pointing at close or long distance, not workable at all to rely on manual labor force input and prior dot positioning work, this 980nm infrared laser diode module keeps work with constant IR dot emission after connects with a 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply. It is working well with high intensity and high photoelectric ability infrared laser light emission. Lowe power infrared laser makes clear dot alignment within 50 meters, and high power 980nm infrared dot laser up to 300mW to 500mW just projects highly clear dot measurement as long as 100 to 1000 meters in distance. Any time 980nm infrared laser diode module is working as an accessory part, with the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, it always makes sure of the most convenient installation, and the easiest reaching of IR dot onto any raw material surface. It just brings users a noncontact, no track and no barrier infrared reference dot projection for all night version illumination work fields. Users should always avoid eye exposure to laser beam aperture, after correct wearing of laser safety goggles, this infrared alignment laser makes sure of high security and high accuracy dot alignment in long lasting use.

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