The Great Resignation: Facts, Figures, and Causes Explained

Great Resignation is a global trend in which workers are voluntarily leaving their jobs in record numbers. This unprecedented movement is reshaping the labor market and forcing employers to rethink their approach to work.

Several factors have contributed to the Great Resignation, including:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has led many workers to reassess their priorities and work-life balance.
  • The rise of remote work has given workers more flexibility and autonomy, and has made it easier to find new jobs.
  • A growing desire for better wages, benefits, and opportunities for growth is also contributing to the Great Resignation.

Employers are now compelled to adapt, not only by offering competitive compensation but also by fostering a positive company culture and implementing team engagement activities that enhance the overall work experience for employees. They must offer more attractive incentives and nurturing environments to retain and attract talent.

As the Great Resignation continues to redefine the employment landscape, understanding its causes and consequences is essential. For more insights into the Great Resignation, check out the infographic made by Shegerian & Associates, Inc. below.


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