The Sugar Trap: Hidden Sugars in Everyday Foods

Some people think that only cutting down on sugar on conventional sweet food items like chocolate, ice cream, sodas etc. But there are some products that have hidden sugar in them.

  • Yogurt contains probiotics, which may have various health benefits for the gut. Some types of yogurt, such as plain Greek yogurt, for example, are also great sources of protein and can even have an immensely positive impact on the bones of people. Flavored yogurts, however, tend to be filled with sugar. A typical store-bought strawberry yogurt can be filled with sugar. To cut down the sugar, stick with plain Greek yogurt.
  • Oatmeal is a type of whole grain that is high in terms of fiber and even contains a great amount of antioxidants in it. However, many varieties of instant oatmeal contain added sugar, especially if they are flavored. It is better to opt for plain oatmeal or steel-cut oats, which usually have zero added sugar.
  • Nut and seed kinds of butter like peanuts, almonds, cashews, or sun butter are a great way to reap the potential health benefits of seeds and nuts. Nut and seed butters usually come in many varieties, and some have no added sugar. However, some of the common grocery store brands contain added sugars in their products. 
  • Even though their labels tend to emphasize the protein only, some manufacturers still seem to pack sugar into protein bars
  • Many of the non-dairy milk alternatives that have become popular in recent years contain added sugar in the products. Almond milk, for an example, contains a lot of sugar. Per cup and vanilla, almond milk contains 15 grams of sugar. Instead, one may want to opt for unsweetened versions of non-dairy milk with fewer ingredients.
  • Finally, last but not least, cocktails and cocktail mixers can be loaded with added sugars. Alcohol in general brings no good news to the body. On top, being filled with sugar just makes things worse for the health.


Every year thousands of people lose their lives due to this grave illness. Cancer is an irregular division of cells inside a particular organ, eventually spreading all over the body. Most cancer cases start with the formation of one or multiple tumours in various human body parts. It can get highly fatal. The ancient practice of Ayurveda deals with the Tridoshas in case of cancer treatment. Ayurveda, also famous as the science of life, has been treating its patients through its holistic approach, which was manuscript more than 5,000 years ago.

It can’t be negligible that medical science has reached impeccable heights of success. In the case of chronic illnesses, it is outgrowing itself in almost no time. But if the records are to be believed, medical science has only been existing since the 16th century. On the other hand, Ayurveda is an ancient practice born out of Indian soil and instead of fading away with the fast-paced time of today, It has been only gaining popularity among the people due to its evolved approach of keeping the core intact. Even in the case of severe health issues like cancer, Ayurvedic treatment has been accepted by the people, for their betterment. Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital are known to be the best cancer hospitals in Hyderabad.


Impact of nutrition

Considering the number of cancer patients and the requirements, medical science has also developed revolutionary ways of treatment to fight cancer and other massive health problems. Unfortunately, these ways of treatments are incredibly costly and painful and have many side effects. Despite going through all these measures and after getting cured, there is a high possibility of getting the disease again as the cancerous cells cause havoc to the bodily immune system and tend to destroy it completely. 


No matter how advanced the treatment gets, the strength and impact of nutrition remain irreplaceable. Nutrition is a basic need of a human to continue with a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet is essential from an early stage to build a solid immune system and is required for the body’s growth and development. The consumption of food determines the body’s activeness and way of coping mechanisms from all kinds of diseases through naturally building immunity. Suffering from malnutrition can lead to disastrous outcomes in the near future. Irreverent, if someone has cancer or not, they become what they eat.


Things To Be Added To Make A Good Diet


Fruits and green vegetables: 


Everyone is aware of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Eating plant-based veggies can also keep one away from high sugar levels because fruits and vegetables have vitamins and nutrients that are a significant factor in building the immune system’s strength.


Green tea: 


Sipping green tea is highly beneficial to our bodies. It is also known to be a powerful antioxidant. It can be a part of the anti-cancer diet and is also great for patients going through cancer treatment. Green tea is a non-toxic chemical that can prevent tumor formation inside the body, causing the risk factor reduction of skin, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer.


Garlic and ginger: 


Raw garlic and ginger have immense benefits for the immune system. They help in the abundance of more chemically active sulfur compounds, especially for the colon, liver, and breasts. 


Tomatoes are used almost daily; fresh, red, juicy tomatoes can save men from getting prostate cancer. Tomatoes contain an effective antioxidant called lycopene. These can guard the DNA against damage, possibly leading to cancer shortly.


Berries: These are delicious in taste and great supporters of fighting deadly cancer and also help in restoring the system of treatment. These potent antioxidants help in stopping the free radicals inside the bodies that tend to damage our cells. Be it strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry, the taste gets intertwined with health.


Turmeric: This commonly used popular food ingredient has numerous health benefits. Usually, it is used in India to add a yellow color to the curry. Although, it contains a component called curcumin which can inhibit some kinds of cancer cells, slowing the spread of cancer cells. Also, it helps in shrinking tumours as well.


Whole grains: 


Whole grains easily get digested. Hence people who have recently fought cancer should consume whole grains. Also, whole grains contain fibre and antioxidants, which help in lowering the chances of cancer risk in the first place. Brown rice, oatmeal, barley, whole wheat bread, and pasta are just some examples of whole-grain food items.


Tomatoes: These juicy and commonly used food items are extremely good for our health. Studies have found that fresh tomatoes have immense health benefits. 




Ayurvedic treatment has never believed in just symptomatic-based treatment for its patients. Instead, it has always believed in wholesome well-being before and after cancer or any other grave illness. Ayurvedic treatment not only gives importance to the body but also the mind as according to Ayurveda, a healthy body carried out by a healthy mind is the ultimate definition of well-being. 


Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospitals are providing the best cancer treatment in Hyderabad, focusing on these aspects. Owing to this reason, they not only have the best Ayurvedic practitioners and experts but also a great team of experienced therapists, working towards the same goal which is the betterment of cancer survivors on the ultimate level possible.

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