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Three Types of Quartz Sleeves for UV Lamps That You Need

UV lamps have a wide application than you can imagine. These lights have the ability to sterilize and clean harmful elements. For instance, UV lights in HVAC systems remove molds & mildew present in the air. UV lights are also popular in water treatment, the food industry, surface cleaning, and more. However, we need a quartz sleeve for UV lamp for different applications. Here are three types of quartz sleeves popular in the market.

Open Ended Replacement Quartz Sleeves:

OEM open-ended replacement quartz sleeves are commonly required for water treatment. These clear sleeves allow UV lights to pass through the surface & purify the water for human usage. Normally, the water in rivers, oceans, lakes, etc., is not in a usable condition. It can lead to several diseases & infections. However, UV lights can help them get better. But one cannot directly install these lights in the water as there are possibilities of damage. Therefore, one needs open-ended replacement quartz sleeves that protect the UV lights from getting damaged. 

Domed Quartz Sleeves:

Quartz sleeves need to have a perfect shape & size so that UV light models can fit perfectly in them & do the job. For example, ZAP Pure systems have a unique design. So, they need something like a domed quartz sleeve. These sleeves protect the UV light product and make it easier for UV light to pass through it. You can easily get these sleeves from top stores online at great prices. So, make sure to take a look at them.

Keep This In Mind While Buying Quartz Sleeves:

You should be aware of the available products first. Whether you buy UV lights or quartz sleeves for them, make sure to find suitable products. You can find the best products online according to your requirements. For instance, if you get ZAP pure UV lights for sterilizing water in high-pressure pumps, you should get quartz sleeves that cover them appropriately. Otherwise, it can be difficult for you in different ways. So, make sure to choose products after thorough research.

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