As women, we are always on the lookout for new outfit styles and designs. After all, we always want to level up our style quotient. However, when we think of the everyday cool look, we don’t think of using our intimate wear as part of increasing the style quotient. No matter the type of our outfit, most of us continue wearing our intimate wear under the clothes.

But what if we told you that you can use beautiful and chic intimate wear on the outside. Oh, don’t be alarmed! We are talking about bralette sets.

Now, you might already know that bralettes are beautiful, lacey, and elegant intimate wear. But there are different ways where you can wear these comfortable bralettes on the outside.

• Bralette over a Shirt: You might have seen celebrities wearing a black bralette over a white shirt. Doesn’t that look classy and sophisticated? Of course, it does. If you want to look posh and royal, you can also try wearing your bralette over a shirt of a suitable color. Just make sure that you use a bralette that has a minimal design. Don’t choose anything lacey as it might make your look flimsy.

• Bralette over a T-Shirt: Want a look that is edgy and full of attitude? Try wearing a bralette over a t-shirt. The most common pieces of clothing in this style are lace bralettes over a white t-shirt. Although the look is very daring and unexpected, it will certainly make some heads turn (in a good way, wink!)

• Bralette with Jacket: Give a bold fashion statement by wearing a bralette under a jacket. Make sure that you choose a bralette that has more coverage. And again, a lacey bralette is a perfect choice for this everyday look.

Now, if you want to try these everyday look styles, you need comfortable, yet high-quality bralette sets in different colors and styles. Hence, you might want to check out Cherlot.

Cherlot is a leading online luxury store established by Sarah, a popular designer from New York. Her main aim with this venture is to empower women by enhancing their styles. Her collection of bralette sets, womens bra sets, body stockings, nightgowns, and intimate wear sets will help women exude confidence not just in the bedroom but also outside everyday. Check out their store to shop for their collection.

About Cherlot:

Cherlot is a prominent sexy lingerie store that offers women’s intimate wear in different styles, colors, and sizes.

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