Top 10 Free Kundli Site

In India, Kundli matching is significant. Before marriage, it is compulsory to match both partner’s kundli. It shows the compatibility between a couple and the characteristics of an individual. In old times individuals used to meet an astrologer for a kundli generation and match, but now the time has transformed and in modern times couples or an individual can use online janam kundli websites to match and generate their kundlis. Further, we will discuss some free Kundli sites.

Top 10 Free Kundli site

  • Anytime Astro
  • mPanchang
  • AstroSage
  • ClickAstro
  • BirthAstro
  • Maitreya
  • Online Jyotish
  • Mykundali kundli Milan site
  • Astro Vision Kundli site
  • Astroyogi

These are some free Kundali sites that an individual can use for Kundli generating and matching. Additionally, these sites can generate janam kundali by date of birth and time. Let us know more about these sites.

Anytime Astro

With the use of its online astrology software, Anytime Astro, users can receive precise forecasts for the past, present, and future of a person. Numerologists, Tarot readers, fortune tellers, numerologists, and many others use it to offer solutions to all of your difficulties. It’s best for Kundalis.

You may also ask questions in a one-on-one chat session, check daily horoscopes, receive a free Janam Kundli study, and more.


Users can receive astrological guidance from mPanchang based on Vedic astrology. Individuals can use it to receive help with their daily, weekly, and monthly zodiac in both Hindi and English.

Individuals can get remedies if they’re having challenges with their overall health, their family, their job, or their love life. Additionally, it frequently updates information on all significant tithis and muhurats.


For matching kundlis to generating kundli, The AstroSage kundli site is rapid and perfect. The kundali program only needs the individual’s birth information, such as the date, time, and location, and it will take care of the rest. Vedic Astrology principles are used in examining the horoscopes and the results are favorable.

Since ancient times, Kundali matching has been recognized as the most accurate way to assess a couple’s compatibility for marriage. The AstroSage Kundli site offers not only regular information but also fixes and precautions.


The quickest and most accurate site in the market is ClickAstro Kundli. It follows the rules of the traditional Vedic astrology matchmaking procedure.

The user of this kundali site only needs to enter the possible bride and groom’s birth information due to its user-friendly interface.

The Janam Kundli is created by ClickAstro, who also analyzes them. The well-known kundali program then generates an analysis report that enables the user to understand the characteristics that will impact the marital life of the couple.

A total compatibility score is also provided by this Kundli matching program to show the degree of compatibility between possible partners.

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BirthAstro offers its users a variety of reports, to assist them in studying patterns in their life. These studies might assist them in understanding the motivation behind their particular behavior, social compatibility, and other factors.

The Individuals may create their kundli, collect their daily horoscope, learn about daily panchangs, check their vastu, and more with the help of this astrological site.


A free and open-source program for both Western and Vedic astrology is Maitreya. Natives can use it to create Janam Kundlis, examine horoscopes, learn more about auspicious days, etc.

The site offers forecasts based on ancient texts and also includes Shadbala, Ashtakavarga, and traditional Yog.

Online Jyotish

With its quick and automatic computing technology, Online Jyotish offers accurate Kundali matching services. Calculating the doshas and gunas of both partners is easier with the support of this site.

In addition to matching kundali, the program helps with the construction of janam kundli in Hindi using the user’s birthdate, time of birth, and location of birth.

Mykundali kundli Milan site

Key astrological services, including love matching, horoscope matching, numerology calculation, etc., are provided by MyKundali without charge. Site of the highest quality for comparing kundlis for marital matches and creating janam kundlis for newborns.

This Kundali site is the top option for astrologers who love to grow with time because of its many excellent features. Horoscope matching allows a couple to identify places where they are unfavorable and take corrective action to strengthen their relationship.

Astro Vision Kundli site

Astro-Vision is a user-friendly kundli and matchmaking site that is based on Vedic astrology. It gives precise future predictions and examines different aspects of Kundli to give a complete report in Hindi and different languages.

This kundali site report includes a number of observations based on the birthdate and other astrological factors that may have an impact on the Grahas of couples.


Based on ancient Vedic knowledge, the free Kundli site Astroyogi matches the Kundlis of the groom and bride. Additionally, the free site offers yearly horoscopes for each sun sign.

Additionally, natives may use AstroYogi to create a Panchang, a Hindu calendar, and to read tarot cards to get predictions about their personal and professional lives.


These were the top 10 free Kundli sites that help their users create Kundli with some basic information like birth date, time, place, etc. Additionally, couples can also use it for Kundli matching. Not only this these sites can offer various favorable times in which an individual can perform its rituals and can perform a lucky work.

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