Top 5 Alejandro Abellan Movies

Alejandro Abellan is a Canadian actor who acquired his first role as Antonio Banderas’ stand-in and photo double in the film The Thirteenth Warrior. He has also appeared in Phenomenon, as Tito, and on the Nickelodeon show Romeo! He is a married man but prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight thus not disclosing his wife’s details.

1. The Thirteenth Warrior (1995)

The Thirteenth Warrior, which features Antonio Banderas as ibn Fadlan, is a rousing Viking adventure with plenty of swashbuckling. It is also one of the first movies to depict Arab and Muslim characters as decent people rather than stereotypes.

The story is based on Michael Crichton’s 1976 novel Eaters of the Dead and was reworked by John McTiernan with some uncredited reshoots. Ibn Fadlan is sent to foreign lands to serve as the thirteenth warrior in the party of a Viking king whose kingdom is under siege from cannibalistic monsters called the Wendol.

The movie is full of action and special effects, but it is a bit too dark to be truly entertaining and a few too many decapitations are gratuitous. Still, it has a lot of grit and dresses Arab Muslims in dignified robes instead of standard Hollywood stereotypes.

2. Phenomenon (1998)

A small town everyman sees a bright light descend from the sky and discovers that he has super-intelligence and telekinesis. Unlike most movies with this premise, Phenomenon is able to keep it light and entertaining. It’s a funny gomovies film with great character actors and good acting.

The movie is a little stale in premise, but it is still worth a watch. It’s a comedy-horror and it is a lot of fun. The overuse of every ghost investigation trope there is is pretty funny to watch.

Alejandro Abellan has not been very vocal about his personal life. He has not revealed his wife’s name or any details about his children. Currently, he has over 10 films to his credit and is working on more projects. Some of his most popular films include Murder at the Presidio, Saving Milly and Ballistic (2002).

3. The Gambler (2009)

Despite being a remake of the 1974 film, The Gambler is much stronger than that movie. Adapted by screenwriter James Toback from his own semi-autobiographical novel, it has strong acting and some outstanding scenes. The story is gripping, though it’s a bit overlong in early exposition and has one too many climaxes.

The music is also terrific. Composer Jerry Fielding drew inspiration from Mahler, creating a dramatic and moody orchestral score that works well in the context of the movie.

The Gambler stars Kenny Rogers as Brady Hawkes, a gambler who attempts to reconnect with his son after receiving a letter. The film was a hit, spawning four sequels over a 14-year period. This is a must-watch for Western fans! The cast is rounded out by an excellent supporting cast. Check out this The Gambler full cast list for more information!

4. The Santa Clause (2002)

Eight years have passed since Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) took on the mantle of Santa Claus. Despite the elves’ praise, things aren’t exactly smooth sailing at the North Pole. It turns out there’s a clause in the contract that requires Santa to find Mrs. Claus before Christmas Eve or he’ll lose his job.

Abby the head elf reveals the unforeseen condition to Scott, as well as the fact that his son Charlie has made it on the naughty list. Desperate to save Christmas and his relationship with his son, he leaves a substitute in charge of the operations at the Pole and goes in search of love.

The second installment in the Santa Clause franchise is better than the first, with a more relaxed feel and some nice acerbic humor. It’s not as high-tech a production as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but that’s OK — it’s still entertaining and heartwarming.

5. The Keeper (2004)

In a career that spans decades, Alejandro Abellan has appeared in many movies and TV shows. His credits include being Antonio Bandera’s stand-in and photo double for The Thirteenth Warrior. In addition, he has also starred in several other movies such as Phenomenon, Bratty Babies, Out of Order, Saving Milly, and Ballistic.

Director Paul Lynch’s kidnap-by-numbers escapade from 2004 is a curious specimen, nestled somewhere between gutter trash and a respectable cable psychodrama. What it lacks in budget and balls, it makes up for with its novel casting and deranged narrative.

The Keeper tells the inspiring true story of German prisoner of war Bert Trautmann’s transition from a paratrooper to a revered soccer goalkeeper in England. Starring David Kross as Trautmann, the film explores themes of forgiveness, redemption and personal growth. It also highlights the complexities of war and integration into British society. A forbidden love affair with Margaret adds another layer of emotion to the story.

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