Top 5 APK Games Download to Play Offline

Mobile games are a sensation in this new era because almost every smartphone users play games on their mobile devices. Mostly people wants to play game in offline mode so we here we brought some games that you can play offline. Get details of the top 5 apk games download for android and play games with friends for entertainment in your free time. 

God of War 2

God of war 2 is an action video game that you can play on your smartphone devices. This game was published by Sony Pictures Television. God of war 2 download for android to play an exceptional game on low-end mobile devices. To play this game you do not need an internet connection required. God of war 2 is a third-person game where you have a control player character known as Kratos. This god of war is a popular gaming series and there are many installments available in this game series. 

Doraemon X

Doraemon X apk is an adventure video game where you have to willing a fantastic journey with a popular cat. Complete various missions by solving puzzles, fighting, and overcoming obstacles. It’s also known as a role-playing video game. There are many different characters available such as Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. If you are searching on the internet for top apk games download to play offline then try this Doraemon x apk game. 

Mayanagari Game

Do you want to play a game which similar to the GTA game series? Yes, then Mayanagari game download for free on your smartphone devices. Mayanagari is an action game which you can play in offline game mode. It looks like a mafia game. And the game was made in a popular city in India called Mumbai. Play the role of a gangster in mayanagari apk game. In this game, you have to complete various missions by completing various tasks. Play this game in offline mode in single-player game mode.  

Mini Militia 

If you want to play apk game then try this mini militia. This game is popular among gamers. You can play mini militia old version game in single-player or multiplayer game mode. To play this game you do not need an internet connection. There are various maps available in the game so you can select your favorite map. You can use various weapons in the mini militia old version apk game to defeat an enemy. Unlock weapons in the game. If you do not have any idea of gameplay then play the game in training mode where you can learn how to play the game on your smartphone devices.  

Dr Driving

Dr driving mod apk is an racing game that available in mod version. Play this car racing game in single-player or multiplayer game mode on your mobile phone. Various cars are available in the game so you can select your favorite car for racing. 

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