There are many days when you are too tired from the daily hustle and bustle and just want to relax. While your mind can find some rest, your physical body takes much more than just sleep to rejuvenate.  

Contrary to popular belief, massaging is not just lying down while a professional rubs oil all over your body. One quick search on the internet will present you with several different options, each serving a separate purpose. If you are considering going in for massage therapy Honolulu, then this article can help you quite a bit.

There are dozens of massage therapy types, often within a subset as well. These subsets are more focused on treating specific problems and getting better results. Here you will find mentioned some of the more popular massage types and how each benefits your body.

  1. Swedish Massage:

    This is perhaps one of the most popular massage types you can find on any list, and quite deservedly so. Unlike the other types mentioned in this article, with Swedish massages, you can expect a feeling of more general well-being. 

    Better known in the community as the ‘traditional’ massage, this is what you can expect if you go in for just a massage. In this type, the masseuse applies movements like stroking, friction and kneading to further loosen the muscular tension in your body. 

    In turn, It also helps better blood circulation, leading to a better recovery and sense of relaxation. The therapist often starts with massaging oil all over your body to further ease hand movements and strokes. However, before you start the therapy, make sure that your therapist calls in for a consultation. 

    In this stage, you will get asked about your lifestyle, overall health, problem areas and if you have any particular preferences. A Swedish massage session usually lasts between 40 minutes to an hour and takes place on a massage table. 

    1. Aroma Therapy:

    A lot of times, physical pressure and massaging are not enough or can fail to provide long-term effects. This is when Aroma therapy proves to be a great alternative. As the name suggests, aroma therapy has more to do with your olfactory senses than physical pressure. 

    It used to be a very popular part of ancient Egypt and, since then, has only gotten better. In this kind of therapy, you will get scented massages along with aromatic baths. People often undermine precisely how much your smell senses can affect your mental and physical health. 

    Aroma therapy aims at solving that. There are quite a few different aromas you can choose from, each with a novel characteristic and benefit. For instance, Tea trees can help enhance your immune system, while Cypress relieves muscle pain.

    Blending both the physical and aroma experience to your Honolulu massage therapy can further help promote relaxation while also energising your body. Plan a consultation at the beginning of any such session, as that will give your therapist a better idea of what aromas will prove the most beneficial for you.

    1. Deep Tissue Massage:

    If you are someone who has been suffering from muscle tension or pain, postural problems, or musculoskeletal disorders, this is the one for you. Deep tissue massage therapies aim at reaching the deeper muscle tissues, which are often the root cause of any chronic pain. 

    Any negligence to such tissues can often lead to the recurrence of the problem. Therapists will most commonly use their knuckles, elbows and hands, along with hot oil, to reach the insides of these tissues and alleviate tension from there. 

    However, lack of knowledge often leads to people confusing deep tissue massage with deep pressure massage. Both of these are quite different, the main one being while deep tissue massage focuses more on the fascia and muscle layers, deep pressure massage takes into consideration the entire body. 

    In addition, if you have ailments like lupus or inflamed joints, it is better to avoid deep tissue therapy. The continuous digging of muscle tissues in such cases can often worsen such cases. Rest assured, deep tissue massage can help you a significantly better movement of the body and feel rejuvenated. 

    1. Craniosacral Therapy:

    Although not yet as popular as the other names mentioned in this list, craniosacral therapy has been gaining immense fame in recent days. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a non-invasive and gentle experience, so much so that you do not even have to take off your clothes for it. 

    Craniosacral therapy always includes still and light movements. Practitioners of this kind believe that light touch can do more good when it comes to restoring the central nervous system and improving better sleep patterns. 

    Unlike many conventional massage therapies, which often either use a massage table or chair, this one uses both. It starts on a massage chair and gradually proceeds to the table. It basically helps improve blood circulation and clears up your fascial system. 

    Much like most other massage therapies, this one, too, starts with a consultation, and the therapist will check in on you regularly to ensure it is working. While the effects of craniosacral therapy Are almost instantaneous, you might need a few more sittings, depending on your issue. 

    1. Reiki:

    With its origins dating back to the 1800s in Japan, Reiki is one such massage ala Moana that has continued being popular for centuries now. This therapy was popularised by Dr. Usul, who then not only practised but also imparted the knowledge to his students. 

    Contrary to most of the massage therapies mentioned on this list, Reiki does not exactly work with the tissue. In its place, practitioners will use their hands, place them on top of the problem area and transit energy and warmth. There is also a ‘mantra’ many recite to accentuate its effects. 

    However, while this might sound like a gimmick, there are many patients who have benefitted from it. More so, the sheer popularity of this method for ages is proof enough. Most people who attend these sessions often report a slight heat or tingling sensation coming from the therapist’s hands. 

    This further promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. Much like craniosacral therapy, this is also a non-invasive process with a high rate of success. However, since it is non-invasive, you might have to get two or more sessions to witness the changes. 

    1. Acupuncture:

    Lastly, acupuncture is another massage therapy that you should consider. In it, the therapist will insert tiny, thin needles in your skin at tactical points to help alleviate stress. This is another popular Chinese therapy and most commonly helps with pain, soreness or relaxation. 

    While the idea of inserting tiny needles in your body might not be the most relaxing thought, it has shown amazing results. The process is completely safe and does not hurt. However, since there are quite a few strategic spots on your body.

    In addition, you should always make sure that you have chosen a reputable and experienced professional for it. Each session can last up to an hour, involving about two sessions every week. How many treatments you will require completely depends on your problem, however, commonly, 6 to 8 sessions are enough. 

    Once the needles are inserted, the practitioner might slightly influence the placement of the needs for best results. If that is not something you want, you can tell them, and then they use heat or light electric pulses as an alternative. There is no discomfort at all when the needles get removed. 

    These are some of the most helpful and common massages in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can find. With a capable practitioner, you have nothing to worry about. To make the right decision, make sure you check the reviews of the practitioner and plan a consultation with them. 

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