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Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social monitoring is on the rise because brands want to know what the customers are speaking about them. But the question is how to do it right? Social monitoring empowers your brand by helping you keep track of the messages that directly mention your brand and respond to those messages accordingly. Here are some of the best social media monitoring tools to make the process easy-breezy for your brand!

What your audience talks about you on social media and how you deal with it can hugely impact your branding and marketing. To manage your brand reputation and cater to customer needs, you must understand how they feel. It’s also great for competitive analysis as it shows you where you stand with your competitors on the social channels.

Tools & Strategy – Brands leverage social monitoring to gauge social share of voice and identify the right trends that can prove meaningful in the long run. Moreover, if your focus is to augment your sales and marketing, you need to increase your brand awareness, and that’s where social media monitoring comes into the picture. Share of voice gives you a good overview of your brand’s visibility. It differs from the traditional share of voice that focuses on what brands speak about themselves. Social share of voice gives you real insights into how much your audience is talking about you.

With social media monitoring, you can also understand what customers are talking about your competitors, helping you cash in on their loopholes and bridge the gap. These social media monitoring tools will help you stay relevant in a competitive market. Social media monitoring helps with both quantitative and qualitative results. Social monitoring tools can also help you tie marketing to revenue impact. It’s essential for marketing to understand the customers and know what they want.

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