According to data gathered by the United Nations Globe Tourism Organization, France leads the world in terms of tourism and welcomes 81 million foreign tourists annually. There are 37 world heritage sites all together in cities with a high level of cultural appeal, including Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, and many others. In this blog, you will find the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in France by American Airlines Group Travel. France is renowned for its wonderful beaches, castles, historical museums, stunning gardens, and parks. The following are the top French tourist destinations.

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List of Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in France

Disneyland, Paris

In 1992, the Disneyland theme park and resort opened in the heart of Paris. One of the most visited attractions in Paris as of 2014, with more than 275 million visits. Disneyland has two theme parks, resorts, shopping, and entertainment areas spread on 4800 acres.

In 500 separate areas, there are 57 rides, 62 stores, 5800 hotel rooms, and 55463 workers. The most well-known ride is Pirates of the Caribbean, which attracted 6.7 million guests in 2011. It is based on the wildly popular Johnny Depp movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

One of Paris’s most well-known landmarks. It was inaugurated in 1889 as a gateway to the general exposition or world’s fair. With a height of 320 metres, it will continue to be the world’s highest man-made building for the next 41 years. The Eiffel Tower was built over the course of two years, beginning in 1887. It was given the Gustave Eiffel name in honour of the French architect who oversaw the building of the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower’s construction required the usage of about 10,000 tonnes of iron. The Eiffel Tower was rebuilt in Tokyo and Nevada as it gained international acclaim.

The Louvre, Paris

Paris is home to one of the biggest museums in the world. This museum is the most popular in the world due to its remarkable collection of artwork. There are 35,000 prehistoric items, including ancient sculptures, Egyptian artefacts, crown jewels, and archaic paintings.

The museum is actually a section of the baroque-style Louvre palace, which dates back to the mediaeval era. In the year 1763, the Louvre Museum initially opened its doors. Napoleon later added a significant quantity of artworks to the museum. The contributions from succeeding French rulers also helped the museum’s collection of historical artefacts grow.

Saint Michel, Normandy

On the island of Normandy, it is one of the most identifiable sights and well-known religious locations in all of Europe. The abbey, which is located on 1 km-wide rock, is the island’s most famous feature. In the upper part of Saint Michel are the abbey, church, and monastery. Stores, halls, and homes make up the bottom part. Another French world heritage monument, this one draws over 3 million tourists yearly. Saint Michel is only 6000 metres from the land, making it simple for pilgrims to go to the abbey. Through a well-known lace staircase, which requires 900 steps to ascend, visitors can access the upper galley on the abbey’s roof.

Palace of Versailles, IIe de France Region

The Palace of Versailles, commonly referred to as Château de Versailles, is the largest palace in France. Louis XIII, the King, erected the first portion of this mansion in 1624 as a hunting lodge. Later, Louis XIV, Louis XIII’s successor, extended it to become the nation’s largest palace. The palace has 68 stairs, 2153 windows, 700 rooms, and 2000 acres of lovely gardens.
The Palace of Versailles is now the nation’s top tourist destination. Additionally, it serves as a venue for a variety of political events. The size and design of the chambers inside the palace vary according to the rank of the resident.

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