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Understanding the Aka MS Remoteconnect Error Message

The aka.ms/remoteconnect error is associated with Minecraft and is most commonly encountered when playing on a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch console, such as the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Switch Lite. The error occurs because, for Minecraft cross platform purposes, an active Xbox Live account is needed. Xbox Live can be accessed for free using any standard Microsoft account. For this reason, to enable crossplay, your device will need to be able to access your Microsoft account. This may then lead to the remote connect error message being displayed. It should read as follows:

“Signing in to a Microsoft Account will permanently associate it with your current account for “Playstation Network” (or Nintendo Switch, Xbox). If you are already using an existing Microsoft Account to access Minecraft on another device, you may use that account. You can only do this once per account on “PlayStation Network”, so please choose your Microsoft Account carefully.

Visit this website on another device: https://aka.ms/remoteconnect.

And enter this code: ______”

There will be additional text too, but the exact wording will depend on the device you are using. The code that is displayed on the screen at the end of the message can be entered here: https //aka.ms/remoteconnect

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