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Uphold Phone Number 1-0888-89O-2621 Customer Service Number

To help prevent fraud and protect your Unique Account Number please take the following steps: Uphold Phone Number 1-0888-89O-2621

  1. Monitor your account on a regular basis and report any suspicious money transfers, payments, or unauthorized access immediately. One of the best ways to detect fraudulent activity quickly is by examining your Unique Account Number activity regularly.
  2. Never respond to emails requesting disclosure of your security information. We will never email you asking you to enter or confirm your security details. If you receive an email claiming to be from Uphold asking for account information, do not respond to it. Instead, please let us know immediately by contacting us through our Help Center. Uphold Phone Number 1-0888-89O-2621
  3. Occasionally we may need to contact you by phone. If we do call you we will never ask you to reveal your security details. If you are uncomfortable with the call, please let the agent know that you will call them back and hang up. You can then contact us to verify the authenticity of the call.
  4. Only access internet banking when using a computer or other device which can be used to access the internet and which has installed on it up to date antivirus and anti-spyware software and firewall and security patches. Failure to take these security precautions may result in you suffering financial loss.
  5. To help prevent fraud, commit to memory your security credentials and destroy any written notification as soon as you receive it; do not write down or record your security credentials. If you do ever write down your security credentials you should try to record them so they will not be recognized by others; take steps to keep your security credentials secret at all times, and never allow anyone else to use your security credentials. Uphold Phone Number 1-0888-89O-2621
  6. You must ensure that your Registered Address, telephone number, and email address are up to date and that the arrangements for receiving mail at your Registered Address and email address are secure.
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