Visit the perfect holiday spots in Singapore

Generally, Singapore is defined as a home for the wealthiest people & offers the same vibes. However, there are luxurious shopping malls, hotels & fabulous dining options.

Before arriving here, it is better to introduce yourself to this country & city-state in Southeast Asia. It helps you in the best ways to enjoy the vacations with friends & family members. However, once you plan to arrive here, you’ll not wish or feel to return.



The main objective of planning a vacation is to redefine & enjoy a new place within a different atmosphere.



Here are some of the top-rated attractions in Singapore:

  1. Marina Bay sands:

You can start your tour from the amazing Marina Bay Sands resort complex that offers a unique experience. However, the other attractions centre includes a luxurious hotel with a running canal.

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The other key features are the Art science museum & the Marina Bay Sands observation deck.

  1. Gardens in Bay:

The other spot to visit in Singapore is this great green space & once you are able to see it from the top of Marina Bay, you won’t be able to control yourself from coming here.

Overall, it’s a great place filled with several species of plants & unique structures that are made to perform environmental sustainability functions. Apart from these, you are welcome to the Cloud forest dome, where you can see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

What could be better than coming to a place like this & enjoying your vacation while exploring nature?

  1. Singapore Zoo:

While searching for the Top sites to explore in Singapore, you must remember the Singapore Zoo. However, the overall facility is clean & highly maintained, along with plenty of vegetation. Multiple factors urge more tourists to spend some time in the forest.

Several things make it very different from other wildlife spaces. While moving here, you can find the animals & their babies playing around, climbing on trees for fruits. However, there are lots more things that can be beyond your expectation.

You can see live animals feeding & other activities, although it takes around three hours to complete the tour.

  1. Orchard Road:

If you have arrived in Singapore & spend your day shopping, it’s not a problem. But you must take advantage of the trip to Orchard Road, known for its latest style & unique designs. If you are a shopaholic, then there is only one better option at this place.

On the other hand, numerous high-end shops offer top-quality products in different categories. You can stroll around & get what you like the most. Moreover, 22 malls & six departmental stores are available in the neighbourhood area.

  1. Singapore Flyer:

Apart from the above options, if you are still unsatisfied or searching for more interesting things to enjoy during the vacation, the Singapore flyer is worth trying. Now, boarding a flight to Singapore from Hawaiian Airlines offers multiple benefits like easy seat selection & cancellation.

But, it would be better to know about Hawaiian Airlines Missed Flight policy from the airline’s live person if you didn’t reach the airport on time. However, it’s the world’s largest giant wheel offering you the best visuals from all over along & providing you with a top-of-a-world experience.

However, the other interesting thing is it offers different ticket packages to choose from & enjoy the ride.

  1. Sentosa Island:

Singapore has several hidden treasures; we can’t deny that it is not a beach destination but has different ways to surprise tourists. You can plan a trip to Sentosa Island to visit Siloso Beach, which offers great beach time.

However, you can play at the beach, relax, sunbathe & go swim boarding or kayaking. The other thing is the tall palm trees with the most amazing views.

  1. Universal studios:

The list of Top sites to explore in Singapore is complete with this location. The studio occupies around 49 acres of land in Resort World Sentosa.

Another key factor that urges you to arrive here is its thematic arrangements & it’s a tribute to film, location, or television show. The best way to get familiar with this place is to go for a tour. It’ll help you to come across various things & know about its history.

The other  special thing about this place is that there are amazing rides that are kids friendly & some are quite challenging.

  1. Merlion Park:

While watching Singapore on television, we often get attracted to most locations. But, being here will be a great opportunity to explore these places & one of them is Merlion Park. The park’s main attraction is the mythical creature with a lion head and a fish tail.

The other most amazing feature is how the lion spouts water from its mouth, offering the most incredible views. Generally, you can come here all day but if you still wish to know the best time, then the night is the best option.

However, you can see people all over the world strolling around & clicking pictures. Apart from that, the other important details about this prominent structure are its weight is about 70 tonnes & size 8.6 ft tall.

  1. Clarke Quay:

The other spot you can be included in the Top sites to explore in Singapore is Clarke Quay. However, today it’s a busy hub & after a long day of shopping on Orchard Road, you can arrive here & enjoy waterfront dining entertainment.

It’s obvious that you may be tired after a long day, but arriving can be beneficial. Various features make it unbeatable from the other locations. Apart from spending a delightful evening, you can also board a river taxi & cruise to get the best views.

If you wish to enjoy a much better way, try bungee jumping, which is full of thrill & excitement. However, this place always surprises you & offers numerous ways to create unforgettable memories.

  1. Chinatown:

It’s quite a famous venue in China. Still, if you have ever wondered about Singapore Chinatown, there are multiple shops, authentic delicacies & much more attractive things here. While walking here, you’ll come across a unique culture & get to know about the whole place.

While moving to Chinatown, you can also visit the Buddha Tooth temple, but if you get up early, around 4 am. However, you can hear the morning drum ceremony & watch the closing ceremony.

  1. Maritime Museum:

Welcome to the renewed Maritime Museum, both indoor & outdoor, located on the right side of the water. Although, it’s the best way to learn about Singapore’s marine history through fun & several exhibits. However, as you get inside, the museum has several amazing highlights.

These are the Jewel of Muscat and a replica of a sailing vessel that sank into the water while travelling between Africa & China. Apart from these, multiple other important things are worth exploring. You can plan a trip & enjoy a great time at this place along with the family & friends.

  1. Raffle Hotel:

It was built in 1887 & this amazing hotel services as a landmark of the city for over a century. However, in today’s era it stands out to the tourist expectations in several aspects. The other most incredible thing is the delicious cuisines followed by the other services.

The other fascinating & the centre of the attraction includes mind blowing architecture along with the tropical gardens. You can go for a tour & explore the other areas of the hotel .

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Therefore, you can go through the above information about the best places to visit in Singapore & enjoy.

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