Web Design Fails You Need to Watch Out For

Design is the most beautiful part of the universe, which adds to its attraction and appeal. It readily gets the attention of human beings and compels them to appreciate it. So, identifying design and praising it has become an unconscious part of human nature. They try to find it in ant and everything, and websites are just one of these things.

Before even trying to explore a website, the main page sets their perception about what they should expect and what they can get. Therefore, website owners pay equal attention to designing as they pay to website development. If they hand over the responsibility to amateurs, having a few designs fails is inevitable.

This article intends to shed light on web design fails you need to watch out for, so explore in detail and check if you are facing the same.

Top 6 Web Design Fails You Should Avoid At All Costs

Website design is the first thing that motivates the users to explore it in detail as soon as they land on the homepage. However, if it is full of design fails, it will negatively impact the user and make them close the site readily. All of this will negatively impact your website ranking and traffic, so you need to explore website design failures and fix them to enjoy more traffic.

Here are some of the major design fails you should avoid at all costs to ensure the smooth functioning and popularity of your website.

Poor Resolution

The first design failure that you need to avoid at all costs is poor website resolution. This is an advanced era where people want everything to be crystal clear. The websites having poor resolution show that they are decades old, and nobody has tried to update them. On the other hand, some website owners do hire website design companies in Dubai and let the experts give a necessary design makeover to their website that attracts users like crazy.


The next website design failure you need to watch out for is inconsistency. Design only seems appealing if it has symmetry or asymmetry. There should be a pattern even if there is no symmetry. On the other hand, inconsistency defies all the principles of design, symmetry, and asymmetry and triggers the aesthetic sense of the users. Inconsistency also gives a spammy look to the website, convincing users they should not explore the website again.

Overflowing Texts

One of the worst design fails any website can have is overflowing text. You need to set proper dimensions and sections of the website from which the content should not get out to give it a pleasant look. The overflowing texts give the look of the notebook of kindergarten students who just keep writing randomly and are not aware of where they should stop. So, avoid this failure at all costs to give a more professional look to your website.

Clustered Ads

Another critical website design failure that you need to watch out for is clustered ads. Ads are an important means of earning money for website owners; however, it is also the one thing that irritates the users the most. Having a maximum of two ads on your webpage is acceptable. If there are more, they will cover the content as well as defy the design and give a clustered look to the website, which is not favorable for website traffic.

Lack of Breathing Space

Even if there are not too many ads on your website, too much content can also give rise to a lack of breathing space, another critical website design failure. You might not want it but unconsciously, kill the breathing space on your website. Going through the elements of a good website can help you recall the essentials and follow them to make your site look more appealing and fresh.

Poor Legibility

Lastly, some people are very particular about font style and legibility. You need to use a stylish, trendy, yet legible font on your website. If it cannot be read smoothly, the users might get irritated and shift to your competitors’ site to get the necessary information they could not explore from your site. So, contact website design companies and fix poor legibility before you start losing your user traffic.

Avoid or Fix Website Design Fails To Get More User Traffic!

Website design plays with the user psyche. If it is curated professionally, it will lead the users to perform the desired actions. On the other hand, if amateurs curate it, it will surely repel the users. So, do not disappoint your users; contact professionals to get an aesthetically designed website.

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