Why LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools?

LinkedIn became the most famous social network to connect with professionals and currently has over 700 million active monthly users. For this reason, business entities, social scientists, and researchers have found LinkedIn a great source for collecting business data for marketing purposes.

LinkedIn is a pool of data that can be utilized for several purposes including telemarketing, SMS marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, email marketing, etc. This task can be automated efficiently using LinkedIn Scrapers to give structured data ready to be analyzed.

LinkedIn Email Scraping tools go through the LinkedIn profiles to collect the unstructured data on their websites in a single place in a structured format for the user. This LinkedIn profile data can then be analyzed to help the business in multiple ways.

Some Factors To Consider In A Best LinkedIn Email Scraping Tool

You should consider the following factors while selecting a LinkedIn Scraper Tool:

Easy to use

Affordable Price of the tool

Functionalities offered

Performance and Crawling speed


Data formats supported

Customer support

What Are The Best Email Scraping Tools For LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn email scraper is software that helps you find and extract emails and other contact details from LinkedIn profiles without coding and getting blocked. By choosing the right LinkedIn Email Extractor, you’ll be able to find the targeted prospects’ details, qualify them effectively, build a strong email list and phone number list, and engage with them directly via email and phone number instead of messaging them in the inbox. Let’s see the best LinkedIn email grabber software.

1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Leads Grabber is a reliable and efficient tool used to find and extract emails from LinkedIn profiles. Besides extracting emails, the LinkedIn Email Crawler can also get the company name, phone number, connections, followers, established date, website link, and everything that is publicly available, saving users time when trying to compile a list of potential contacts from LinkedIn.

 You can find and get the emails of any business owners, professionals, marketers, freelancers, and many more by using this LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor.  You can also find emails by LinkedIn Profile URLs. 

This LinkedIn Email Collector also has an auto-save option and you can stop or resume your LinkedIn data extraction process whenever you want. The Software also has the option to remove duplicate emails/results. So, you don’t need to worry about the data quality, as all the data is extracted from LinkedIn directly and automatically saved in Excel or CSV files for future use and relevant to your keywords/requirements.

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

The data scraper is a LinkedIn Email Hunter and B2B lead generation tool that allows you to find personal and business emails, phone numbers, and other contact details through LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn Contact Extractor has the ability to export details of companies from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV formats. It is an easy-to-use Email Grabber software and no coding is required to use it. It also has the ability to find email data on LinkedIn by name and profile URL. You will get 100% real and accurate data from LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

A social media scraper is a very fast LinkedIn data extraction tool available online. LinkedIn Data Extractor helps to collect data based on keywords and URLs. Just enter the name and URL of the person you want to get results for, and it will bring the business name, business address, contact number, email address, website URL, LinkedIn profile link, rating & reviews, connections, followers, category, etc. Extracted data can be downloaded in CSV, XLSX, or text file formats. LinkedIn Contact Extractor can help you achieve your goals.

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