Sage 50 Payroll is the principle payroll software product offering by Sage for little to medium measured businesses. Sage 50 Payroll is important for the Sage 50 Accounts scope of products and over portion of all UK businesses utilize Sage Payroll to pay their staff, they likewise use it to oversee payroll processes including payslips, employee pay, pensions, expenses, statuary pay, tax calculations, HMRC submissions and significantly more.

The Sage 50 Payroll software can be sent online in the Cloud or introduced on your own servers by buying the on-premise version.

One of the critical qualities of Sage Payroll is that it coordinates with Sage’s other lead products like P11d, Sage Pensions module, Sage 50 Professional and Standard, and Sage’s Employees Benefits module.

What are the Key Features and Benefits for Sage Payroll?

The Sage 50 Payroll software permits you to oversee and mechanize a large number of your Payroll processes inside your business, the principle advantages and components include:

  • Oversee payroll processes for employees
  • HMRC submissions
  • Monitor PAYE/NIC risk to HMRC
  • Programmed computation of National Insurance and tax
  • Oversee employee occasions and nonappearances
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) agreeable
  • Get the most recent administrative updates electronically
  • Ongoing Information (RTI) submissions
  • Email or print proficient payslips to you employees
  • Employees can get to their payslips safely on the web
  • Oversee employee annuity plans
  • Pay employees electronically with e-Banking
  • Works related to Sage 50 Professional and Standard versions
  • Oversee statuary payments
  • Thorough reports and dashboards
  • Also parcels more…

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Which Version of Sage 50 Payroll is Right for My Business?

There are two versions of Sage 50 Payroll, the Standard version and Sage 50 Payroll Professional.

The Sage 50 Standard Payroll version is the passage level version and is just accessible for 1 client and 1 organization, yet you can deal with the quantity of employees from up to 15 employees to limitless employees.

Sage 50 Payroll Professional is the highest point of the reach version of payroll, it has choices to oversee limitless employees, limitless organizations and limitless clients. Both Standard and Professional must be bought through a membership plan.

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What Features Are in Sage 50 Payroll?

Sage 50 Payroll is intended to oversee and mechanize all of your payroll processes, only a portion of the provisions found in the software include:

Let Sage Payroll Manage Your Payroll Processes

  • Interaction week by week, two-week by week, four-week by week and regularly scheduled payrolls.
  • Print or email payslips to employees, or view on the web
  • Record and ascertain occasion pay
  • Pay employees utilizing e-banking
  • Ascertain payments and derivations and PAYE and NI
  • Present compensation diaries on your Sage 50cloud bookkeeping software

Oversee Pensions

  • Computerize auto enrolment processes
  • Oversee employee pensions
  • Compute commitments and cost to your business
  • Make your customized activity plan
  • Effectively set up your annuity with Pension’s Fast-Track
  • Discretionary Sage Pensions Module (at extra expense)

Utilize Sage 50 Payroll HMRC Submissions and RTI

  • Sage’s Payroll is HMRC perceived software
  • Send submissions to HMRC Securely Online
  • Consent to the most recent enactment
  • Straightforwardly submit PAYE and employee information to HMRC on the web
  • Monitor NIC and PAYE obligation to HMRC
  • Computerize the sending of RTI information to HMRC

Pay Employees Directly From Within Sage Software

  • Oversee staff payments straightforwardly from inside the software
  • Critical decrease in administrator time
  • Pay staff rapidly with e-banking
  • Lessen the danger of making payment blunders
  • Oversee touchy staff payments on a safe stage
  • Keep Your Payments Accurate and Secure

Store and Manage Employee Information

  • Track occasions and nonattendances
  • Oversee staff evaluations
  • Store disciplinary records in Sage
  • Keep work and compensation records/history
  • Composed proclamations of work
  • Append reports to staff records
  • Record statuary payments (SMP and SSP)

Report on Your Payroll Data

  • Run statuary reports such P60, P11, P35
  • Report on information by office and cost focuses
  • Make your own professional reports
  • Look over a wide scope of standard reports
  • Run capital and future financial plan reports

Keep Data and Payments Accurate and Secure

  • Reinforcement and reestablish bookkeeping information without any problem
  • Store payslips, timesheets and docs safely
  • Roll your information back to address mistakes
  • Control and apply client access freedoms
  • Confine client access for specific software highlights

Sage 50 Payroll Services

Our devoted Sage 50 Payroll specialists are focused on guaranteeing you take full advantage of your software venture and we offer the accompanying proficient administrations at reasonable costs.

  • Sage 50 Payroll arrangement and execution
  • Setup
  • Consultancy
  • Report configuration administration
  • Customized Sage preparing
  • Sage 50 payslips plan
  • Information fixes and information relocation administrations
  • Sage email arrangement
  • Joining with Sage 50 accounts
  • Facilitating Sage in the Cloud
  • Establishment and arrangement of extra applications
  • Help work area and specialized help
  • In addition, parcels more.

 We will help you through each progression of the execution cycle, including preparing and support. We support all versions of payroll including more seasoned versions, for example, Sage line 50.

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