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What is SEO-Content Writing?

SEO writing requires logical proficiency and excellent copy skills. It’s the convergence of creativity and imagination with data science.

So how are you doing it? Are you doing it efficiently? Is it worth investing time and money?

Understanding SEO writing: SEO content writing is the process of implementing keywords inside the web content. Digital marketers and copywriters use search engine optimization to enhance their website’s visibility and rankings in SERP. Writing SEO-friendly content requires high-quality copy material with aimed search terms. Below are some Key Search Engine Optimization terms: Long-tail keywords, SERPs, SERP position, Anchor text, Meta description, Title tag, Search queries, Search volume, Click-through rate, Conversion rate, Organic traffic, Structured data (schema), Ranking factors, Backlink, Page and Domain Authority, Pageviews, Pageviews per Session and Organic keyword difficulty.

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Starting with your SEO Goals: The base of any search engine optimization content strategy is to be clear in what you want to achieve. You should make goals that are measurable timely so that all your marketing campaigns are driven in the right direction. Here are some ways to measure your goals are Click rate, Conversion rate, Organic traffic, Backlinks, SERP position, Dwell time, Page and Domain Authority, Organic keyword opportunity/difficulty, and Pageviews per Session. 

Knowing Your SERP performance: One of the major goals is to rank your content on the very first page of Google SERP and once you have achieved that you should analyze your search engine results performance. You have to stand out from your rivals to be on top and that can be achieved by these various techniques like Paragraph, List, Table, Image carousel, Local 3-Pack, Knowledge Graph, Sitelinks, People also ask and Top stories.

Thinking Considering Ranking Factors terms: One of the major things to keep in mind to rank higher on pages is considering Google’s preferences. The Primary algorithm of search engine. Since content creation or writing is not about just building looking good content it’s about taking care of google too. This is why considering specific google ranking factors is a must. We have narrowed down some of them such as creating quality content, efficient backlinks, HTTPS- site security, UX, mobility, page speed, UI, schema, Direct traffic.

Effective use of Keywords: Previously SEO was used to rank content on basis of how many keywords are stuffed or used repeatedly in the content. This was called keyword density. However, as google’s algorithm is continuously changing it soon discovered that stuffing keywords into the content is just making it spammy and not very useful for the readers. From there the writers discovered that they should write for readers and not for keywords. This changed the way content used to be made. Now copywriters write content that is particularly built around a single keyword. Covering every single aspect of the topic and its relevant subtopics should be the writer’s chief cover areas. They should focus on providing maximum value to the readers. The keywords will flow automatically if you are creating content keeping these things in mind.

Optimizing Title tags, Meta, and alt text: nailing metadata is one of the most crucial elements of SEO content writing. As the meta is the cue to search engines it will help in telling the content what it is about and how it should be presented on the results page. Although it takes only 75 words to describe all the major descriptions and alt texts but acts as the key for the entire content.

Optimizing Headers and subheaders: Headers give the structure to your content so you can easily consider it as the skeleton of your entire content. Why are headers so important because they keep your content organized structurally and give an idea to the readers what they will be reading ahead. Headers are a key element in the eyes of the search engines that gives an idea of what the content is about. Appropriate headers will allow search crawlers to analyze your content page and help in indexing it in SERPs.

On page and Re – Optimization: Start by optimizing existing content if you want to improve your rankings in the search engine results pages. You can either add on some more paragraphs and increase the length of your existing article or you can simply reconstruct the headers and update it just like that.

When can you expect RESULTS? A minimum of 90 days is required for any content to mature as per our research. It means that at least 3 months are required by Google to rank it on the search engine pages. Also, there is no guarantee that you will see your content always on page 1 it might appear on page 2 also. The moral of the story is don’t waste your time in thinking about early results as SEO takes time. Content marketing is a long-term commitment that requires consistency.

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