What’s the relationship between Vyvanse and hypersexuality?

It is a drug called Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is amphetamines. certain studies have linked these drugs with hypersexuality. Hypersexuality is defined as an unusually intense level of sexual activities or feelings and thoughts.

Doctors may prescribe Vyvanse to help those who suffer with Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as also severe eating disorders.

A lot of people go through periods in which they’re thinking about it more often than they usually do. In hypersexuality, however, the thoughts or actions impact daily interactions and daily life.

As with most amphetamines, changes to sexual libido, as well as sexual function are only one of the negative side effects of Vyvanse. Each drug can trigger negative side effects, however it is essential to remember that not everyone suffers from these side effects.

The symptoms of hypersexuality

There are many phases of feeling greater or lesser sexual. However, the signs of hypersexuality, buy-vyvanse-online called hypersexual disorder, usually be more prolonged.

The signs of hypersexuality may be characterized by intense and frequent sexual fantasies, desires or behaviors that satisfy at most 4 of these requirements:

Being in a mental state that is driven by sexual thoughts, planning for the possibility of engaging in sexual actions

frequently engage in fantasies about sexuality, desires or other behavior when feeling stressed, depressed or anxious.

typically engage in sexual actions and thoughts in response to stressful situations in life.

inability to control or reduce the amount of sexual fantasies and urges, and other sexual behaviors.

engaging in sexual activity without any consideration of the possibility of physical and psychological injury to them or other persons who

Sexually transmitted behavior may be characterized as:

being sexually active and sexually


watching porn

taking part in sexual sex on the phone and also referred to as cybersexual sex

Going to a strip club

Studies have shown that hypersexuality can be linked to the use of amphetamines, particularly for males.

If you had been taking drugs illegally, the majority of users reported that the drug affected their sexual experience. They reported less pleasure sexually and increased orgasms. Some said that the drug may had increased their sexual desire while others believed it slowed them down.

Uses of Vyvanse

Doctors may prescribe Vyvanse to help those who suffer of Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and those who suffer from BED an illness of eating that leads to the consumption of food in excess (BED).


Anyone who suffers with ADHD might have difficulty staying focus or retaining conversations.

Certain medical specialists recommend Vyvanse to help combat the signs of ADHD that includes:

issues with paying to the needs of


performing in a manner that’s not even considered to be

According to the National Institute of Mental Health

The signs that signify ADHD can include:

not paying attention the details, making careless mistakes

problems in keeping your attention while engaging in conversations, or listening, or taking notes when taking notes or reading

inability to comprehend the message clearly

Not following the instructions

getting lost in the moment or easily becoming distracted

problems in managing activities and tasks

A growing body of data suggests ADHD could affect sexual behaviour. A study was conducted in 2006

Researchers found that people who had ADHD during their beginning years were more likely have sexual relations later in life and have more partners in sexual relationships and casual sex compared to those who did not have ADHD.

Binge eating disorder

Doctors may prescribe Vyvanse to treat BED. Patients suffering from this disorder generally suffer from binge eating bouts lasting approximately two hours and are typically characterized by at minimum three of these behaviors:

eating much faster than usual

eating until feeling uncomfortable overstuffed

eating large amounts despite not feeling hungry

eating out in a group to cover guilt over food

feeling angry, upset, and being depressed, angry and upset. A feeling of guilt or anger because of the excess consumption

This kind of eating disorder is common on a regular basis, for at least three months. The patient does not usually cleanse or get sick afterward.

Women suffering from eating disorders are more likely to have sexual issues. A study done in recent years showed that those suffering from anorexia, bulimia or BED had more partners, and had less sexual relations than women who didn’t suffer from one of these conditions.

The consequences of eating disorders may result in sexual issues and a decline in sexual desire. The people who suffer from an eating disorder may also be hesitant to engage in sexual activity because they feel nervous or self-conscious.

The diagnosis and when to visit the doctor

It isn’t a valid diagnosis because there is no evidence that suggests it’s a medical issue instead of a series of symptoms.

It is typical for both males and females to experience times that are more sexually attractive or sexual activities.

If thoughts of sexuality interfere with the daily life of an individual or their relationships, it’s a excellent idea to seek advice from a doctor.


If the person’s thoughts about sexuality stem from taking the medicine, then their health team is able to assist.

Doctors can reduce the dosage or suggest a different form of medication. They may also recommend the use of counseling, or even Cognitive Therapy (CBT). These kinds of therapy could help a person change their sexual thoughts patterns and behaviors.


Vyvanse is one of the forms of amphetamine. One of the most well-known negative effects of amphetamines may be hypersexuality. This is an ongoing desire for sex that may even go beyond the level of obsession.

Doctors may recommend buying vyvanse-online for managing mental disorders like ADHD as well as BED. Both of these conditions can have an impact on the sexual and libido of a person.

If you experience sexually invasive thoughts following taking the medication, you consult your physician. Treatment options include cutting back on the dosage or switching to a different drug.


How is Vyvanse Prescribed?

Because Vyvanse is a Schedule II controlled substance, physicians and pharmacists are both controlled in their prescriptions and dispensing the medicine. As per federal law doctors are not able to provide prescription refills to Schedule II drugs like Vyvanse and are required to create a new prescription every time they’re required. States might have laws that are more strict. For example, some states limit the amount of Vyvanse that doctors can prescribe.

What is Vyvanse Used For?

Vyvanse has been approved by the FDA for treatment of ADHD or eating disorders that cause binge eating. In ADHD, Vyvanse has been shown to improve both hyperactive/impulsive and inattentive symptoms in adults and children as young as six years old. If someone suffers with an eating disorder which leads to the eating disorder known as binge consumption, Vyvanse can reduce the amount of binge-related days a week that they must endure.

When someone is addicted to Vyvanse it is often used to rest, study or to concentrate on work. Along with the risks of addiction, drinking Vyvanse could have long-term effects that can lead to mental health issues in addition to stomach and heart problems in addition to malnutrition and organ injuries.

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