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Why Enroll In An Online Active Shooter Training Course?

Our hearts go out to gun violence, mass shootings, and active shooting massacres to the victims and their families. Unfortunately, such precious lives are lost almost daily. In the recent past, studies by the FBI show that mass shootings are on the rise- the recent one being the Uvalde, Texas massacre which killed many innocent young ones. We can only imagine how tough it is for the parents and families who have lost their near and dear ones to this massacre.

Be prepared

It is a time of uncertainty, and when we go out to school, college, church, work, or even to the local grocery mart, please remember that danger lurks around the corner. You never know when a shooter would pull up from somewhere and create a deadly scene- would you be prepared for it? On how to deal with and tackle such situations? What to do if you face an active shooter? We bet you wouldn’t! This is why empowering yourself with the knowledge we provide at Defender School is important.

Come online

If you cannot visit our campus in -a person for a course, we have Online Active Shooter Response Courses that you can avail of and learn from. Our courses are customized and tailored to individual needs and organizations of all types.

It could be a business, a school, a college, a church, or a family; we have the right course for everyone to pick and learn from. Visit us and learn more; it will give you an idea of how flexible we are at discoursing knowledge and training.

The hybrid learning program developed by us will help you a lot and help you retain the information, making it easy for you to get along with the Online Active Shooter Response Training course. We offer round-the-clock training, which means you get to learn at your own pace and time. Once you have completed the online learning program, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

You get team access

When you buy our online active shooter training course for individuals, churches or organizations, schools, and colleges, too, you get to be the team manager. This means you would assign roles to people who are under you. As the team manager, you are given all rights to add or remove members or import learners to the team. You get to track the progress of each individual and even view their earned certificates. As a team manager, you can ask an individual to retake lessons on their own as well.

Our promise

We aim to give you the best and highest quality of Online Active Shooter Training courses, which are customized and streamlined for your needs. If you aren’t happy after buying one of our courses, we can offer you a refund within 30 days, provided you give us a valid reason in writing as to what made you dissatisfied.

If you want more information on enrolling in Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events, visit us at defenderschool.com or call us at 1-888-871-4142. We would be glad to help! Stay safe!

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