The basic principles of multifamily Real Estate Investments are simple to understand. Negotiation, analysis, funding due diligence, property management — these are all skills anyone is able to master. All you require is a few books, a coach or mentor and the will to work hard. If that’s the case the question is why doesn’t everyone become a millionaire Real Estate Property Investor? What makes so many prospective investors fail before they get their businesses up and running? The answer to this question is in one place: mindset. You can study the mechanics of this industry whatever you like but without a mental attitude that affirms, “I can do this,” you’ll never put the skills you learned to work.

The topic we’re discussing is and the psychology behind success and the fundamental idea of it is that mentality is a factor in the way we perform. How we view our environment determines the way we react to it. If we live with a denial mindset that says we cannot ever do it, then we will never be able to. If we adopt an optimistic mindset that believes that we can, then everything can be done. It’s like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Here are two methods to put that mental insight into your real estate business

Seeing is being — Visualize Your Success to make it a Reality

When I first began my journey interested in the real estate market, I was driving an old, ugly Ford Granada. I was so excited to get out of the car that I taped a photograph of the Red Corvette to the visor of the driver’s side. Each time I got into the car, I would look at the picture and fantasize about the day when it would become my. You know what? It worked! Eventually, I had my red Corvette. In the years since, I’ve utilized visualization to build my business as well as build my ideal home in Sarasota. What I was thinking about with the photo was known as visualization. It is based on the law of attraction — a principle that claims that your thoughts determine our reality.

I’m not the only person who has succeeded this way.

In 1985 Jim Carrey, who was struggling financially, wrote himself the check for $10 million. The date was set for Thanksgiving 1995. A decade after, Carrey landed his part in Dumb and Dumber. In my own experience visualization is extremely effective in developing a successful investment company. Here are a few instances of scenes to imagine:

Closing on a 100-unit Class a Apartment Building

Quitting Your Day Job

Sitting on a Beach, Watching Passive Income hit Your Bank Account

The most effective way to make visualization a real aspect of your daily life is to design an image board. They are simple to construct. You just need to gather photographs that show your ideals, then post the photos on corkboard and then place it there where it will be visible all day long.

The Power of Goal Setting

There’s an Hebrew proverb which states “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This is exactly the right thing to do however, it also has a opposite: when there’s no actions and vision is lost, it fades. You’re able to imagine all throughout the day but If you’re not putting your eyes to use, you’re not going to actually experience what you’ve thought you’ve seen in your mind’s eyes. This is the reason goal setting plays a role. Most people you meet drift through their lives. They’re aware that they’d like to do it, but they’ve never thought of putting the idea into words. If you are looking to make a mark in real estate, then you must devote a lot of time and effort to your goal-setting. Make a list of short, medium- long-term. Note down your ideas for what Jim Collins would call “Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” Reduce them into manageable chunks.

For short-term goals in tactical terms adhere to your SMART acronym.

SMART acronym:






This is an excellent example for a fantastic SMART target for a multifamily investor:

Examine 50 properties that meet my investment criteria within the coming 50 days. What is the best way to match that goal to what is the SMART acronym?

Specification: You’ve got 50 properties to examine.

Measureable the process is fairly simple to determine if you’ve studied the property.

It’s possible: All you’ll need is an hour every day.

Important: Analyzing properties is an excellent way to find bargains.

Timing Index: You’ve got 50 days.

The psychological benefit of goal-setting is immense. It helps you see your goal from the air and puts it down upon the ground. It offers you a specific strategy to move toward achievement. It also provides you with a metric to make yourself accountable.


They are the fundamental aspects of establishing an enterprise to get your mind in order and create a vision for success, and outline your path to achieve it. They are as basic as they can be but very few investors are willing to invest this level of rigor into their business. Do not be like everybody else. Make use of the psychology of success with setting goals and visualization and you’ll be on the path to the property career of your dreams. If you’re looking for help in figuring out what this means look into my Driving Force episodes on my podcast, Lifetime CashFlow through Real Estate Investing. In these episodes, I speak further about mindset, motivation and the psychology of a successful real property investment. Provides an opportunity to invest in real estate by diversifying with Hotels and Short Term Rental Assets with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

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