There are a myriad of options to put your money to work. Bonds, stocks mutual funds bitcoin, art marijuana startup (no I’m not joking). The options are numerous and clearly very diverse. Real estate, obviously, is another which is often used by investors who are looking to make short as well as long-term benefits. Although bitcoin is an extremely popular commodity right now and the market could be up in the coming week, the past has shown time and time again investment in property is a sound strategy that has a huge return potential. Here are 4 reasons property is the ideal asset to invest your money in:

  1. The Cash Flow flow refers to the amount you earn from your investment every month, after you have paid all your expenses. When you invest in a property, you’ll take every penny you earn on the property (rent and other income that you can think of) and subtract the costs (mortgage and taxes, insurance repairs and repairs, etc. ) then what’s left with is the cash flow. It’s important to have an income that is positive each month, which is essentially earning in a regular manner which you can put to use however you’d like, whether that’s making improvements and improving the value of your current investments, or to buy additional real property.
  2. Appreciation : Real Estate gives long-term returns by way of appreciation. Let’s say that you bought an apartment in a stable middle-class neighborhood 10 years ago at a cost of $50,000. The house has been maintained and the area has been maintained, and you’re looking to sell. What do you think? It’s likely that your home is worth quite a little more than when you first bought it. This is called appreciation and money that you can put in your pocket. The key to making maximum value from appreciation is to select your investments with care with regard to the location and also the condition of the property itself. If you follow this advice and invest the time, effort and cash to ensure that your property is in good order it is likely to be able to see a significant increase in your value over time.
  3. Tax benefits : If you’re a property investor, you’ll receive a range of tax benefits that can help you save thousands. A few of them are deductions for depreciation as well as repairs and rental income does not have to pay FICA tax, there are no taxes on appreciation, a lower capital gains tax and the possibility to utilize 1031 Exchange to transfer a property in order to purchase another property, without incurring tax. See? The IRS isn’t that terrible after all!
  4. Control Real estate: offers you a lot more control over the investment than other assets. Real estate allows you to decide the way your property is treated in terms of its value and also the people who live there. Although you’re not invulnerable to changes in the economy, demographics or natural disasters you’re not in a situation where you are in a position of no control as you do with bonds and stocks. The only thing you have to do with this type of asset is purchase and sell. Real estate however you can increase the value with improvements, you can also increase rent when you feel it is justified and ensure that your home is occupied by trustworthy quality tenants.

There are many reasons that Investing in Real Estate can be the most suitable option to invest your money and these are only four of them. Real estate is tangible assets that have a high likelihood of making you money both now as well as in the future. Anyone who is smart knows that this kind of asset is worthy of inclusion in an investment portfolio that is well-rounded and high-performing. portfolio. Be like the people who have (and ladies) and make sure that you’ve included real estate in your portfolio!. Provides an opportunity to invest in real estate by diversifying with Hotels and Short Term Rental Assets with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

Vairt is a crowdfunding platform for investing, tokenizing and liquidating real estate assets through Blockchain. Once you are ready to make an investment, you can make an investment in less than 2 minutes. Sit back and relax as your property gets funded. Vairt analyzes property investment opportunities using a 100-point proprietary screening tool and independent third-party market data to assess the investment attractiveness of each property. We give you the opportunity to invest in real estate for as little as $5000. All properties on our platform are listed for 30 days to give investors ample time to raise funds.

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