Summary: If you support safe browsing and Internet freedom then you should use a free VPN extension to browse through Internet pages.

Use a Free VPN Extension to enjoy total freedom of accessing the web and browsing through Internet pages. Whether you want to view blocked content, play the latest version of an online game not available in your country, or watch US programs on Netflix, you can do everything with a Virtual Private Network.

“The web isn’t a safe place to visit because there are many prying eyes looking at your online activities. And there is little you can do to keep your private data including your browsing history safe from others. Your ISP has access to your browsing history and hackers can also breach your firewall to get your private data”, said the owner of Hola VPN.

Use our Safari VPN for your computer and every device that you use for accessing the web. We have an extension for all browsers. You only need to download the extension to the device that you use for web browsing and use the extension to access the web for safe browsing. The Virtual Private Network will mask your identity to prevent others from tracking your movements.

With a VPN, you can do more than you can even think of. Whether you want to visit a blocked website or unlock geo-specific services of Netflix, you can do it with a Virtual Private Network. And you don’t have to worry about adding more hardware or downloading software on your laptop to use a Virtual Private Network. The private network would work on its own.

“Use our Amazon Free Stick VPN for your television to see the difference between the regular connection and smart connection. Netflix and others provide geo-specific services. The programs you see on your TV are available only in your country. You can’t see programs in other countries. But a Virtual Private Network can connect you to Netflix services of any country”, the owner of the Hola browser maintained.

Accessing geo-specific entertainment services is one of the many entertainment benefits of a Virtual Private Network. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can access all the latest versions and updates of popular online games and enjoy online gaming to the full.

Get a free VPN extension today to increase your reach and enhance your safety on the web. Unlock all the facilities and pleasure the web has to offer without compromising on your safety with a Virtual Private Network that you can download for free on any device.

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