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In the machine tools world, industrial processes are connected with machining and automation. Pallet handling is very common in workpiece production and the System 3R process allows a pallet to move efficiently in the whole production chain using standard referencing and clamping systems.

System 3R: Solution For AM Tooling

Tooling flexibility is crucial as an infinite number of products are manufactured using machines. System 3R has completely developed the AM tooling portfolio. It enables users to avoid problems that can come into way when tooling isn’t optimized for Additive Manufacturing. It draws a long experience in advanced pallet and automation system development for the industry.

Dealing with AM-grade metal projects can challenging without automated modules. The important piece jigsaws are necessary to link all various machines and form a single part production. The System 3R offers the critical piece for seamless production and makes AM technology more applicable than ever before. Check out cutting equipment on the “EDM tooling” website for industry workpiece production.