How do I get Obon-related items for Animal Crossing?

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In Animal Crossing, when the player chooses the appropriate geographical hemisphere and time, he can encounter the Obon Festival. Although players are eager for new large game projects in Animal Crossing, they are also interested in small seasonal updates with additional projects.

Each festival is accompanied by the history and culture of a country. Obon is a traditional festival in Japan. Therefore, the relevant updates of the Obon Festival mainly occurred in Japan. Regarding event items, because it is a limited-time event. But for impatient players, players will directly choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells from the ACBellsBuy website. In this way, you can avoid feeling sorry for missing the activity time. The purpose is to celebrate the return of the spirit of the ancestors to the world of life.

Game developers have added two new items to the traditional festival Obon, namely cucumber horse and eggplant cow. The new product release was originally a special offer. Each item requires the player to spend less than the normal price of bells before they can be purchased.

As the needs of players change, the Animal Crossing game is also making adjustments to the rules. Animal Crossing now treats seasonal events differently than before. So you can only get these items for a limited time. Once missed, you can only wait until they show up next time. Fortunately, players can also choose ACNH Buy Bells to get other items they want.


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