What is a smart lock?

What is a smart lock?What is a smart lock?

Remember all those times you left without locking the front door or locked your keys inside and had to call a locksmith? Leave lockouts, hide-a-keys and worries behind with help from a smart door lock. Grant access to expected and unexpected visitors from work, the store or on the beach, watch your door automatically unlock when you arrive with an armful of groceries and use your companion app to keep track of who’s coming and going at all times.To get more news about best smart locks wifi, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Just like you can ease into each day by asking Alexa or Google? to report on the news or weather, you can also say “goodnight” to your voice assistant to automatically switch off your lights, adjust the thermostat and lock the door, all while you’re getting tucked into bed for the night.
How do smart locks work?

Choose the smart locks that work best for you and your family. Keyless-entry door locks work via a touchpad, key fob or sensor that knows when you’re approaching, and electronic door locks provide the option for both key and keyless access. With some locks, you can hand out family passwords to your kids for when they get home from school and temporary passcodes to the pet sitter while you’re on vacation.

With seamless connectivity, automation is simple. Like other smart devices, some smart locks connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? and others use a networking hub with technologies like Zigbee and Z-Wave to communicate. Find a smart lock that works with the smart home devices, motion detectors and surveillance systems you currently have.
Most of the smart locks on our list are designed to be as invisible as possible, but you may still want to have an alternate way to get into your home that doesn’t require Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to work. On that front, the Schlage Sense may be up your alley. The front of the lock features a numeric touchpad that can store up to 30 unlock codes (between four and eight digits) that you can enter to open your door. You give everyone that needs access to your home their own code, and you can revoke those codes when you need to, or even restrict them to only work during certain times of the day.Of course, you can also use your smartphone to unlock your door when you arrive home.

Smart locks with keypads are also an excellent fit for families where not everyone has a smartphone—if your kids are young enough that they don’t have a smart phone but old enough to run over to the neighbor’s house to play, a smart lock they can use a key code to open is ideal. Further, this Schlage lock has one feature that none of the other smart locks in our roundup have: thanks to the keypad you can eschew using any of the smart features and use it simply as a key-code enabled regular lock. Should you decide smart locks aren’t for you, then you aren’t left empty handed but have a perfect good “dumb” lock with a nice keypad.

Like all the other entries on this list, you’ll need a separate adapter to connect to Wi-Fi or use voice commands. You can buy one from Lowe’s or Home Depot for $70. That puts the total price at $270 if you want all the features, which is higher than August’s overall cost, but a smidge cheaper than KwikSet. If you want the keypad, it’s probably worth it, but if all you want is to save money, there are cheaper options.


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