Here is the forum for people who love Madde

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Look - I get it that Madden needs to be better and should have more updates to franchise, but it's a bit old when every post in this sub is negative. I have been a CFM player for a franchise player and years since 01. I believe it's Madden 23 coins 
amazing every year. Of course it may be better, however I get it every year, like the new features, and have a ton of fun. I come to the sub and it is is negative talk all the time. Where is? Where can our voices be heard? Anyone else feel like that?

Here is the forum for people who love Madden. We simply would not care if we did not. I agree with that notion. And like I said, improvements can be made for certain. But folks are out here which makes it sound like no one buys it and nobody is having fun. A good deal of threads most upvoted remarks are some version of"I haven't purchased a new Madden because xbox 360" or"I'm not buying the game ever again". Like why are those people so busy on a Madden sub? People desire Madden to be good. We like the game. We like football. EA treats the players and the sport is insulting.

EA literally trying to squeeze as much money from MUT packs before the USA wisens up and legislates them out of existence while at the same time bringing next to no improvements from title to title. Imagine if COD's yearly release was the specific same game just with the AK-47 being unlocked for another faction, a few new pistols, along with a reskinned UI. That would not fly in any other genre but that's what Madden does every year. 2k is covetous but the depth of the franchise style is amazing so that it clearly is possible to do both. It's not like we could spend our cash on the other NFL sim game that is licenced. It's either we perform the exact same game and attempt to have changes or we bend over and accept their company schlong.

I think that the sub floor is a representation of those matches core fan base that's upset at the place that the match is in. The 2007 franchise blows off the franchise mode we have had the past few years from the water. That is a huge problem seeing this franchise mode has been bare bones for at least 3 decades now without any changes and EA comes out and says their going to give the more focus to the mode then Madden 23 info starts to drop and fans see zero 0 changes again!

We ought to be angry and angry and this sub appears to be the location. I was pleased to know people are pissed off the game because perhaps we could finally get some attention for madden 22. Do not allow the negativity here override the fact that people are here because they care. The game has digressed for every type of madden player. CFM is receiving the most attention, but madden to me was always about the online head to head a part of the match. You can't even compare the stats into the individual who you just played. The base game animation is felt by itself driven over any type of user skill. It feels like a lazy beautiful on the outside and terrible on the type of game.

If you want only positivity, visit EA's forum. If any consumer complained about the title, they moved on a massive ban cycle back in February. As people have stated above, they care about the particular franchise. It's a slap in  cheap madden 23 coins the face when the exact same mediocrity is pushed out year-after-year. The meta-score is at an all-time low and will likely be worse with 21 since people, who played the beta say it is almost the exact same game as this year. It has become a running joke every year om media to see how the game is at launching. Instead of listening to their hardcore fans and trying to please themthey're more worried about the casual. Madden 23 was it to get me. While I really don't think my $60 I believe we're going to see hardcore enthusiasts buying it.

There's a reason. We want it to be good, although the game is terrible. What do you want us as though they put out an amazing game when it is the opposite? We complain because we need a fantastic football game and this is our sole alternative. Since it is the only thing we could do without needing to play the match for years or merely quitting people put up with the mediocrity. There shouldn't be praise when a game made 15 decades back by a different business is on a whole nother level than this match. Not to mention the way the match EA made is lightyears better than this match. That's not deserving of positive affirmation.


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