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Best spine surgeons in Delhi | Dr. Puneet Girdhar

There are many best spine surgeons in Delhi, but you need someone who can truly help you, whom you can trust with your treatment. The spine is one of the most important body parts and it helps in walking standing and many more things, without its proper function we can’t do too much. So protecting your spine is very important and if you are facing problems with your spine then Dr. Puneet is the one whom you can trust. He is one of the best spine surgeons in Delhi.


If you want a bigger confirmation then he is the director of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at BLK Centre which is one of the best spine surgery providers in India. If you are already consulting with someone then a second opinion would do no harm and you should consult him once if you ever have a doubt regarding your spine issue.


There are many procedures you can opt and those includes:


· Sciatica(Pinched Nerve)

· Spinal Stenosis

· Injuries Trauma

· Spondylolisthesis

· MET-Rx System

· Degenerative Disc Disease


How did Dr. Puneer Girdhar become one of the best spine surgeons in Delhi? 


He is one of the best not only in surgeries but also in treating patients with care, as he has more work than anyone else in the field, so allowing him to treat you will provide you with so many benefits. He is one of the best spine surgeons in Delhi due to various reasons but one more thing that you can see that he does differently is that he uses cutting-edge technology using microscopes and tubular retractors and this will help in pain management. 




After a lot of searching, we find the best doctor we could find in Delhi and Dr. Puneet Girdhar is definitely one of the best spine surgeons in Delhi. So you should contact him immediately, we are providing you with the contact details, so don’t wait and contact him as soon as possible and book your appointment. 


BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi -110005

+91 88002 16260

[email protected]    


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