There is a good pet at home

The father and son were at daggers drawn, but Grandma Jiang was scared to cry. She thought something big had happened at home. Jiang Ren frowned and wiped the old man's tears. "Well, it's no big deal."

Zi Luo Lan thought for a moment and quickly entered a series of commands. At the end of the input, the female administrator kept looking at him with golden eyes and was silent for a long time-Zi Luolan knew that this was her command entering the game control center, of course, it doesn't take so long for ordinary people to create a character. After a quarter of an hour, the female administrator finally spoke again. She opened the book gently: "Administrator No.1, please choose the image." In front of Zi Luolan, the transparent operating platform suddenly disappeared, and a large number of dense pictures appeared around him, about 60 centimeters in size, around him, like petals around the stamens. The pictures in front of him are rarely human, but all of them are pet forms in the game, such as soft sheep, or majestic tigers, and of course, many of them are unique pet images in the game. Ah, which is better? Zi Luo Lan tangled up, is the black God of death or the more elegant angel, after thinking about it, he still chose the angel class. Ah,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, ah, angels, which race is better to choose? Ziluolan is still inclined to human form, because he is not sure what it feels like to be a pet. Just half a month ago, he suddenly discovered a system vulnerability. He modified the parameters from the wild host, entered the command from the login, connected to the host, and then logged into a completely different pet system. Of course,hot tub spa manufacturers, no one was aware of this vulnerability, because not everyone has access to the Wild Hope mainframe computer. After he found out, he did not intend to change, thinking that he would try first, and the ideal continent has just been launched, he also took the opportunity to see the effect and the player's reaction. Thinking of this, he was about to press the picture of the angel when the water under his feet suddenly rose. Because the effect is too realistic, and Zilanluo has not entered the game for many years, I was really frightened by the realistic perfect water wave. But when he looked up, he found that his finger had been pressed on another pet not far from the angel. He hesitated for half a minute, took his finger away, and the keeper's beautiful voice came out: "Choose a pet-Angel Rabbit, lovely pink rabbit, I hope you like it." "Wait, China spa factory ,massage bathtub manufacturers, wait!" Zi Luolan took two steps forward in a mess, but found that it was dark all around. The voice of the female administrator could still be heard clearly: "I wish you a happy game. The game time here is twice the normal time outside, that is, forty-eight hours a day. The place you log in is holy."? Crusader Academy Pet Summoning Channel Please be patient.. Wait a minute! I just pressed the wrong button. Luo Lanming knew that it was useless to explain to these NPCs, but he still shouted intuitively, "Oh, my God!"! I don't want to be a rabbit at all. 8 When Zi Luolan opened her eyes again, she saw a pair of light blue eyes with the same confusion. It reflects a faint reflection in the sun, which is as beautiful as glass beads. Wahaha, haha, "a burst of hearty laughter made Zi Luolan's line of sight deviate to the side, and saw a young face smiling out of shape.". It was a blond boy who probably saw something so funny that his stomach hurt from laughing and he was squatting on the ground laughing hard. Zi Luo Lan suddenly some envy this blonde youth, unexpectedly can smile so carefree. Zi Luolan temporarily ignored the boy with exaggerated smile and looked back at the man with blue eyes just now. A very handsome man, dressed in St? A man in a Crusader Academy uniform. 。 Short blond hair looks a little prickly, slightly messy scattered in front of the forehead, does not look handsome. Now the blue eyes looked so weak and depressed, and then the handsome man exhaled in frustration and turned to a man next to him. "Hey, Katol, can you summon me again?" "I'm sorry, Mr. Anno, but there's only one chance to summon. What a pity." The tall silver-haired man next to him said softly. The man named Anno looked at Zi Luolan for a long time, and his eyes made Zi Luolan very uncomfortable. If a man looks at you with very critical eyes for a long time and doesn't speak, I'm afraid he feels no better than Ziluolan now. That's cute, Anno. The blond boy came over and patted Anno on the shoulder. "I thought you could summon some very powerful summoning beast, but don't worry.." Teenagers show a brilliant smile, "the recent players have rarely been able to summon such an angel rabbit." Zi Luo Lan was stupefied, then blinked his eyes, and in the man's blue eyes, he saw something pink. He stretched out his hand in surprise and saw a fleshy pink claw with a soft pad on it. He shook it in disbelief, and so did the paw, and she could feel the softness and touch of the paw. He looked desperately into the blue eyes, and he saw the despair of the other in the blue eyes. The handsome man named Anno looked at it with a wry smile. "Anyway, please give me more advice in the future." Zi Luolan also nodded in despair. A silver-haired man dressed like a drillmaster next to him announced loudly: "Congratulations to the player Anno for getting the summoning beast, the Angel Rabbit." The crowd next to him inevitably sent out a whisper, and just now the blonde young man burst into a burst of laughter again, Zi Luolan lying on Anno's shoulder with his teeth itching, wishing that the blonde young man would laugh to death, so as not to have a burst of laughter from time to time. Player Knight's Blood, please perform the summoning ritual. The silver-haired drillmaster said softly to the blond boy. OK, look at me. As he spoke, the blond boy took a defiant look at Anno and Ziluolan, walked to the center of the summoning array, stood up straight, slowly stretched out his right hand, and slowly recited the summoning command: "Father of all gods,Whirlpool bathtub, give me such a guardian, so that his heart can be loved. The dark night I have not gone is also guarded in the daytime.". Let it sleep on my side and suppress its terror, as I am not afraid of disaster in the valley of death.. The guardian is summoned. 。

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