Yoga in Nepal, may not be quite as famous as in India but still Nepal has someone that makes it the perfect destination for both a relaxing yoga vacation and an immersive retreat. We’ve got you covered! Let’s have a look at the embarking factors of doing yoga in this Himalayan country.

Each place has its uniqueness which allures the world. In the same sense, Nepal has been a picturesque place abiding on the lap of Nagarjuna Jungle to the north side of Kathmandu Valley. The beautiful and mystical Himalayan country- Nepal is the ultimate destination for spiritual seekers. Also, Nepal is known as the birthplace of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma, Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda Vastu-Shastra. The belief is that Yoga was in practice 28,000 years ago in Nepal, which makes it an ideal place to learn practice yoga. So, getting trained at yoga schools in Nepal will truly be an unforgettable experience. Yoga Schools in Nepal are the best place to find peace in the secluded mountains. Nepal has pleasant weather and a cosmopolitan culture that is appealing to spiritual seekers from all around the globe. Whether it is culture, spirituality, or nature you seek- Nepal is an ideal spot for yoga and meditation.




There are numerous schools or academies that claim to be the best Yoga School in Nepal, very few actually, provide an opportunity to rebalance your mind, body, soul while you reconnect with nature so that peace joy will grow inside your heart.  Few of the Yoga Schools in Nepal are mentioned here: 

  1. Nepal yoga Home
  2. Himalayan Yoga Academy 
  3. Kanchan Yoga Nepal
  4. Pranamaya Thamel Yoga Studio
  5. Sambodhi Yoga Studio 
  6. Charak Yoga Studio
  7. Shanti Yoga Ashram
  8. Yogashala Nepal
  9. Shiv Tattva Yoga School
  10. Vinyasa Nepal


These Yoga schools and centres are located in the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains. Undertaking your yoga course at yoga schools in Nepal provides an unique opportunity to explore diverse spiritual traditions in a profoundly beautiful environment surrounded by views of mountains that stretch out as far as the eyes can see. 




There are over 35 different ethnic groups in Nepal, each contributing to a rich and colourful culture hence make the yoga schools in Nepal culturally diverse. Your experience at yoga schools in Nepal will completely change the way you look at yoga, and also Life.




Yoga Schools in Nepal are the need of the hour as yoga is known for its ability to soothe tension and anxiety in the mind and the body. It’s high time to roll out your yoga mat and explore the miracle of combination of physical and mental exercises that for hundreds of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe.  It’s tough to find a wellness trend that has enjoyed more sustained buzz than yoga.

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga schools in Nepal believe in plenty of health benefits of yoga and encourage people to get into a routine of practicing yoga daily. 

  • helps in lowering physical markers of stress, including your blood pressure 
  • help in bringing calm and mindfulness to your busy life
  • improves flexibility 
  • reduce inflammation 
  • sustained practice results in delayed ageing
  • enhances fertility reproductive health
  • improves concentration
  • improves brain functioning 
  • can boost heart’s health aid with functional strength
  • consistent bedtime yoga routine can prepare your body to have sound sleep
  • helps in weight loss and maintenance
  • make you less prone to diseases
  • boost in mental and physical energy
  • helps in increasing alertness and enthusiasm
  • reduce negative feelings




Over the years, Yoga has evolved gradually, and a lot of new forms have emerged worldwide. There are many different types of yoga practiced at Yoga Schools in Nepal. The person chooses a style depending on their expectations and level of physical agility. 

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Face Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yang Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Anusara Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  •  Kripalu Yoga
  • Viniyoga  




The prime motto of Yoga Schools in Nepal is to ‘practice, explore, learn, grow, connect, smile’. Everyone has different ambitions coming into yoga. Some may do yoga for the contemplative or meditative part of it and some people might want more of the exercise and activity part.  Participating  at Yoga Schools in Nepal can ease loneliness and provide you an environment for group healing and support.  Even during one-on-one sessions loneliness is decreased as one is acknowledged as a unique individual, being listened to and participating in the creation of a personalized yoga plan. If you’re new to yoga, it’s good to get admitted at Yoga Schools in Nepal so you can learn better form. 




Yoga Schools in Nepal differentiates themselves by offering not only yogic practices but also by providing the correct understanding, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, asana and philosophy. Moreover, Yoga schools in Nepal are passionate about setting you up for success and have an incredible program, curriculum and after course training to enhance your journey.  You can become a trained Yoga master and spread this miraculous practice worldwide and benefit others as well.

In addition to this, few of the yoga schools in Nepal offer Jungle hikes, nature walks, meditation and sound healing. 




Yoga Schools in Nepal offer the best yoga experience in the peaceful backdrop of the beautiful Kathmandu valley, Nepal.

Nepal is the unique combination of pristine landscape accessibility of both Indian and Buddhist traditions. From drop-in sessions, week- long courses, or even more intense, long term sessions being offered, Yoga schools in Nepal offer something for everyone.  It’s high time to roll out your yoga mat and explore the miracle of combination of physical and mental exercises in the midst of picturesque landscapes. It is naturally a profoundly spiritual place, plus the mesmerising mountain ranges offer the reconnection to Mother Nature that you all need.


If you’re keen to learn more about it, you can visit our website! Hope you’ve deciphered why to choose Nepal for yoga. 

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