Charging Your EBike's Battery Best Practices For Long Life

Charging Your EBike's Battery Best Practices For Long Life

Charging Your EBike's Battery Best Practices For Long Life

You have made the choice of the electric bike for your everyday trips or only once in a while. Due to its cost, it is essential to take care of it. Also, some simple actions and accessories specific to eBikes can extend the life of your electric bike, its battery, and charger. So how do you charge the battery of your electric bike efficiently? Above all, how to save the battery of your electric bike and extend the battery life? As part of our complete dossier on electric bikes, we are now focusing on an essential element: the battery of pedelecs. To get more news about ebike battery charging, you can visit official website.

How to charge an electric bicycle battery efficiently?

Charging an electric bicycle battery is not much more complicated than charging your phone. Just plug the power cable of your electric bike battery charger into the wall outlet. Then connect it to your battery. And here we go.

First of all, respect the order of connection: wall outlet first, battery last. Simply to avoid overloading. Then, preferably use the original charger of your bike. Or a charger of the same brand and a compatible model. Compatible chargers from other brands are also good at troubleshooting but they may be a little slower. And you really have to be sure of the compatibility, otherwise, you could damage the battery cells.

Next, monitor the battery charging temperature. Indeed, during charging, the ambient temperature will have an impact. Manufacturers advise charging the battery at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees. The temperature of the battery itself should also be monitored. This is particularly the case when you come back from a walk and the outside temperature is extreme. Also be vigilant in winter, especially in negative temperatures or summer above 30 degrees. In these cases, it is better to wait until your battery has returned to an average temperature before charging it.

Do not leave your battery plugged into its charger when it is fully charged.

The manufacturers recommend charging and discharging the battery completely for the first use of the scooter or electric bicycle. For subsequent uses, however, you do not have to wait until the battery is completely empty.
When to remove the battery from your eBike?

Depending on the model, some batteries can be removed to be recharged and others are rechargeable directly on the eBike.

In general, for daily or weekly recharging, no need to remove the battery from the bike to recharge it. You can plug in directly to the bike. However, there are a few cases where it is better to remove the battery from the bike.

There are other cases where it is better to remove the battery, for example in winter. If you use your bike in cold months, but store it in a room below 5 degrees. In this case, remove your battery from the bike and take it home. Wait for it to warm up a bit. Then you can charge the battery of your eBike safely.

If you take a break for several weeks, preferably don't leave your battery on the bike. Charge it to about 60% and consider recharging it about once a month. It is advisable not to let the charge drop below 30% during long-term storage. If your battery has 5 indicator lights, then you'll want to keep it charged between 2 and 3 lights during long breaks. It is the non-use that slowly kills the battery of an eBike!
How to remove the battery from your electric bike?

And now, how to remove the battery from your electric bike? Before removing it for charging, make sure the battery and console are turned off. Then unlock it by turning the key in the lock located in different locations depending on the model of your pedelec.

If you need to remove the battery from its slot or from the luggage rack, handle it with care to avoid impact. Slide it out of the rack using the handle or pull it gently towards you if the battery is tucked on the seat tube or down tube.

Once the battery is charged and replaced in its holder, do not forget to lock it with a small turn of the key. We advise you when the battery is removed to leave the keys in the lock so as not to lose them.The technique of removing and inserting a battery also depends on the model of eBike you have. Ideally, follow the steps detailed in the manual.


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