What guarantee does Bed Bugs Heat Pro offer?

Our bed bug heat treatment is the only process that will completely exterminate 100% of all bed bugs and their eggs in just one treatment, and we warranty our service with the best guarantee in the industry. A full 60 days!

At bedbugsheatpro.com, we guarantee the resolution of the infestation of bed bugs in your home. The only thing you have to comply with are the instructions that our personnel give you at all times.

We are currently the only company in Riverside that offers a resolution guarantee on issues related to bed bugs. We are an experienced Bed bug extermination in Corona and we achieve this thanks to the use of the best products in Europe and a meticulous dedication to each home.

The help of our clients is essential. We know that it takes extra effort to treat the clothes in an industrial dryer, to put covers on all the mattresses, and to comply with the instructions given by the technicians for Pest control bedbugs in Corona.

Can we treat only one room?

Many people contact us because they have found bed bugs in a room in their home. We do not doubt the word of our clients in any case. It is likely that they are only, effectively, in one room of your house. The problem is that we cannot ensure this without prior monitoring for a few weeks. And in the case of doing it, we could be wrong in the diagnosis.

As a professional and experienced Bedbug exterminator near me in Corona, we guarantee 100% elimination of the plague, we have to treat your entire home centimeter by centimeter. If you want to treat only one room, we recommend that you find another company to perform the service.

I want to get rid of a piece of furniture or a mattress. How do I do it?

We recommend that you wait for a professional to look at it before disposing of any furniture or mattress in the home that may be infested with bed bugs.

You cannot legally abandon them on the street. You can call the officials, tell them what you want to throw away and they will tell you the time and day they will go under your home to collect the furniture. They will not go up to your home, so you will have to lower the furniture on your own.

You can also, in case we are talking about smaller items, wrap them in plastic and mark them with the word BED BUGS so that no one takes them into your house. Don't buy any new furniture. At least until we know the plague has been completely eliminated.

Do not miss to contact us for the best and most professional Bed bug exterminator in Corona.

At bedbugsheatpro.com, we provide unique Bed bug heat treatment in Corona.

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