MP5 Thread Protectors, Muzzle Brakes, Suppressors, and Flash Hiders: A Short Intro

Installing a threaded MP5 barrel opens up many doors of possibilities for configuring your firearm with a wide range of muzzle devices.

Installing a threaded MP5 barrel opens up many doors of possibilities for configuring your firearm with a wide range of muzzle devices.

Provided the threads are compatible and the attachment is suitable for your platform, you can install a wide range of muzzle devices that can mitigate recoil, conceal your muzzle flash, and combat the overall report at the muzzle.

From flash hiders to MP5 thread protectors, these are the main classes of options at your disposal.

Flash Hiders
A flash hider, which often looks like a slotted or pronged muzzle device, is an attachment that helps conceal the muzzle flash.

Where the MP5 has been used in official duty amongst law enforcement and paramilitary personnel, flash hiders hold great value as they enable the operator to conceal a location.

For most collectors, adding a flash hider to an MP5 add increases authenticity and uniqueness.

A suppressor, informally known as a silencer and even more informally known as a can, is a muzzle device that helps cut muzzle report. That is, it makes the firearm quieter.

Suppressors work by capturing the gases ported at the muzzle, forcing them to expand under much greater control. This cuts muzzle pop and substantially diminishes the volume of the shot.

While suppressors are a courtesy at the range and are better for your hearing as well as for the hearing of your range mates, you should be aware of two things.

One, suppressors are illegal in some states and are federally classified as NFA items. Additionally, shooting a suppressed firearm will require more frequent cleanings as suppressing a firearm is hard on the action.

Muzzle Brakes
Muzzle brakes, which sometimes look like flash hiders, are muzzle devices that redirect gases ported at the muzzle.

The effect of a muzzle brake is to substantially cut recoil. In some cases, they can cut felt recoil by as much as 50%, which in turn combats muzzle flip, enabling faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

The only drawback of muzzle brakes is that, while they cut felt recoil, they make a gun shoot much louder.

About MP5 Thread Protectors
Not quite a muzzle device, one accessory you need to know about if you have a threaded MP5 barrel is an MP5 thread protector.

MP5 thread protectors are basically just a metal guard that screws onto the end of your barrel, to be installed whenever you don’t have another muzzle device in place.

Why You Should Always Use an MP5 Thread Protector If You Have a Threaded Barrel and Don’t Have Another Muzzle Device Installed
One note: if you do have a threaded MP5 barrel and don’t have a suppressor, muzzle brake, or flash hider installed, you need to install an MP5 thread protector.

Barrel threads are thin and fragile, and if they are exposed, incidental contact with them can badly damage them, making it impossible to install a muzzle device if your threads get damaged.

So if you have a threaded barrel and don’t have a muzzle device installed, make sure you use a thread protector.

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